DPMS AR10 upper disassembly


How do I get this thing apart? It has a full floating hand guard. It’s not like the AR15 at all. I want to change the receiver.


Can you post a pic of it?



Shouldnt the handguard unscrew from the barrel nut?

Also read the Q & A on Brownells site


That’s what I was thinking but, last time I tried to unscrew something that didn’t want to move, I ended up shearing off a locking pin. :flushed:


Both the tools video and Brownells are saying there is probably locktite and you would need a strap wrench.

I am not an AR guy though.
Mayb someone wirh AR experience will chime in.


Well that’s how mine works. The barrel nut is threaded on the inside and out. So the hand guard just threads onto it. It’s a bitch to tighten so I wouldn’t be surprised if there was loctite on it.


I just broke it all down. Pretty easy actually. The only thing that had loctite was the two set screws in the gas block. I had to heat it to get them out. Not real sure if I need to put loctite back on them.


Glad you got it sorted out.