Drawing Women To The IDPA

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Thanks Robert, this is good stuff. I’m going to look into IDPA, myself. It can’t be anything but good for me.

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Its super awesome, you will absolutely fall in love with it!

Thanks for sharing! I am a little apprehensive about doing any competitions. I attended a long range rifle competition once as a spectator. Although I was treated wonderfully I was not happy with the way AJ was talked to. The guys that competed regularly at this range (it was the first time we had shot this location) were pretty rude and unwelcoming to the new shooters. It turned us both off to any organized competitions.


You get your cliques and there are those who are intimidated a new guy will steal their thunder,

and we’re talking about AJ :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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Haha, that’s true and he did very well in his class so I can see where they may have been intimidated.

Maybe a different range and / or a different style of competition would make a difference.


I find it more fun to show up and just shoot and be quite and let my skills speak for themselves. I don’t really care if someone gets their nose out of joint. And would love to see some lady’s wipe the floor with them.


This is really unfortunate! If they have morning weekday practices and you can make it, try attending one of those. The nice thing about the morning is that most the attendants are retired. 1) They have years of experiance 2) Damn good shots 3) Very open to helping 4) Have nothing to prove…so they spend less time trying to preach their way of doing things and equipment boasting and more time just talking with you. Our range is not as big (Competition usually brings in only 30 shooters or so) But have never had a problem. When you go, watch for the people who are full of themselves. Just avoid them. They usually group together. The majority of shooters will be nice , if not it may be time to look for another range.

The stress at a match may result in some temper issues… most the time it will not be personal, tho its still un acceptable.