Drills, drills, and more drills


Alright gents, it’s the weekend. What are we doing for training our skills out there on the range?

I worked transitions, rifle to pistol. With a bunch of low load magazines, shoot until you run dry, then use a non-standard response with the pistol. What’s everyone doing? What are some of your favorite drills?


Dry practice for 30 min and isometric holds with bolt rifle standing.
It’s good to hear you keep up on training.
Make yesterday jealous of today!


Expecting a fun day today!

I have family and friends coming over later this afternoon and they’re bringing their guns. So after I finish up my coffee here, I’ll be attending a few more yard duties like setting up our range for both short distance and longer distances. I have to resight in a couple of my rifles and shotguns. Wife will be dirting up many of her handguns I’m sure.

After that we’ll be grilling out hamburgers and hotdogs for dinner. Campfire later this evening. Then we’ll be tossing back a few beers, hand out s’mores for kids and shoot the breeze among us adults.

Typical summer weekend when friends and family visit.


Sounds more like a party than practice!


More of a ammo party!

Noone is a heavy drinker and I’ll add no alcohol is consumed until the campfire brakes out… Just a fun and relaxing small get together of about eight adults and a few kids. We do this about three times a year during the summer months for the past 20 years.


what about going to a gun show?

I attended the Palmetto gun show (Florida), checking out everything!

It is a good gun show for those so inclined and located within easy driving range.

And, free parking!


Sounds like drills for wallet retention…


yes, it was tough

only made 1 purchase (wanted much more)

but, there were many interesting guns and some good deals on ammo


Ammo is an investment though. You pick up something interesting?


Kimber K6S 2 " barrel (new)

the ammo was really a good deal if you buy in 500 or 1000 round boxes (hmmmm……)


I’m sure it was a real arm twister there.


actually, there were several guns, lots of ammo, and some really nice knives, among other things, that were all on my buy list. So, the arm twisting was me twisting my own arm - not to spend too much.

One item was easy, though - the Colt Delta Elite in 10 mm - wherever I saw it, they had asking prices around $1300. Last time I thought about buying one, my local gun store manager was offering it to me at $1,050.

What happened? I can only guess that the resurgence in popularity of 10 mm has allowed them to raise the price. Dang!