Dry aging

So, to celebrate myself for the build I did, I decided to treat myself to a 10.5# bone-in ribeye roast. :rofl:

I’m going to try something new, which is dry aging in one of those refrigerator dry aging bags. Has anyone else tried these before? I figure it’s time to step my game up in the culinary department and add an element other than smoking.


Couple times I’ve left entire prime ribs to sit in the fridge after coating and injecting for a few days before cooking, uncovered, no bag needed, loved the result at the table and didn’t mind the smell that came with opening the fridge for a few days either :grin:


This guy is loads of fun… check him out!


I forgot to follow up this post. Ended up aging for 53 days. Opened the bag and there was no mold or rot or anything, just the hard pellicle layer that is to be expected. The pellicle has to be trimmed off to reveal the dry aged beef underneath and can be ground up and used in hamburger if desired. Sliced the roast up into 6 steaks and cooked two of them right away. Did sous vide for 2.5 hours at 130 then seared in a cast iron and basted in butter. Sliced and served, the slices could be cut with a fork and it had a nice nutty flavor to it. Started with a Choice grade ribeye roast and ended up with a gourmet steak. I highly recommend.

Smoking a brisket tonight, 16.5# with Meat Church rub and aiming for about a 15-16 hour cook with a few hours rest.



Just talking to a son about dry aging and wanting to give a try.


This is what I used. It worked great, but it was barely large enough width wise to fit the ribeye roast and it wasn’t very large (to my untrained eye). I put it in the bag, dunked it in a large tub of water to force all of the air out, then twisted the top of the bag, ziptied it, twisted some more and folded it over and ziptied it again. You want as much contact between the bag and the meat as possible so that the bag is almost like a second skin and airtight. Then you put it on a wire rack in the fridge so air can circulate all around and wait for as long as you want to dry age.