Dry fire training


Dry fire practice
Dry fire practice

you have a lot of good content, I wish we had a watch later area so I can remember everything that I’d like to go back and watch a few times especially down the road as a refresher. Something similar to what you puke has. That’s where I would save technical things for weapons I own


As a regular at the local and state shootin’ matches, dry fire was a daily exercise.
But when the new fangled blowback airguns came on the market, I switched to them exclusively.
Seeing actual holes in the target, instead of the guesstimates of dry fire, and actual recoil has greatly improved my skills.


These dry fire exercises are mainly to build a foundation to build on. Once you have the muscle memory, you can move on to other exercises.


This. This Colt licensed one I have is pretty close in weight and the same in size of a full size 1911. Plus it field strips pretty close to a real one. I use it frequently for practice in conjunction with snap caps.

Here’s a few comparison pics size by size to my Star BM


Modern airguns can be very realistic.
Especially the blowback versions.
About the only thing lacking is the recoil.
It’s somewhat limited to that of .22 rimfire.
My 1911 is the Colt licensed airsoft from Pyramydair.com


@mquinn55, How are you liking the Mantisx system so far?


Glad you asked.
I just sent an email to Mantis to see if they can explain one thing that I’m confused by.
The tracking of the movement before, during and after trigger press seems to be spot on.
However after 50 shots (min) it will display a target and the locations of the hits.
After my live fire testing on two guns (Rugar SR9c and Wather PPQ M2) the displayed target hits do not correlate to my paper targets.
I was shooting at 7 yrds and the display target more reflects if I was shooting at say 30 to 50 yards. Much wider groups.
The app knows I was shooting a pistol and not a rifle so I assumed the targets would roughly match.
I’ll see what they have to say.

But I will say that I’m pretty impressed. It clearly pointed out to me (and I then obsessed about) the fact that while not evident when dry firing, I clearly do have a problem with recoil anticipation.

So much so that during the testing that fact alone got me over thinking and my shooting suffered. But clearly something I need to work on.

Actually bought two mag mount rails so I can play with my 1911s that don’t have rails.

I might do another session before I actually post anything picture wise.


Thank you for the update. I’m very interested in their response to you.


Well while their response was quick it wasn’t much help. Simply that the displayed target is “much smaller.”
From what I can figure the displayed target (for a handgun) is roughly a 3" circle at 7 yards. I’ll have to wait until temps cool down and I can head out to the desert to test on rifles and figure out the target size at say 100yrds.

So more testing and training to do. I think it’s a great tool and look forward to using it.

Mantis’s response:

Hi Mark,

MantisX is extremely sensitive, and the MantisX “target” is most likely much smaller than your real target at 7 yards. Don’t let this worry you. Focus on good trigger discipline and increasing your scores, and you will see the results manifest themselves on the target, as your groupings continue to improve.


Maybe you could ask John at Active Self Protection. He says he uses it all the time for training.


Wow, haven’t talked to him in a long time.