Dry Fire Your Rimfire?

I am going to take a wild stab in the dark and say that not many on this forum are unaware of the potential issues that can happen when you dry fire a firearm chambered for rimfire cartridges. If you did learn something from this video though, let me know.


I never dry fire any rim fire but I have a s&w 617 that a family member borrowed and dry fired on two chambers and peened them . It did not effect the way the gun functions but it did pies me off to the point I won’t let outher people handle my guns unless I am right with them.


Ruger states that the 10/22 can be dry fired. But generally it’s a bad idea. Snap caps are made to allow it and if you go to a hardware store #4-#6 x 7/8 drywall anchors can be used and they’re inexpensive, a few bucks for 100.


I learned something today :+1:


I’ll bring some for you on Sunday. Both to use and so that you can see the right ones just in case there’s more than one to choose from. I don’t think they’re as good as real rimfire snap caps.