DSA's NTFE (Nickle Teflon) coated sand cut BCGs




@SAK67 pointed these out to me, they look pretty neat. Anybody got any opinion on sandcut AR bcgs? Knights Armandment supposedly does it too but thats a propriatary ststem.


perty :heart_eyes:


Not bad priced ,either. I remember paying $220 for a plain jane BCM BCG back in 2012.


Yet how many of us have learned our lesson and stocked up on LPK’s and related…?


Ive got 4 spare lpks that are for my stash. Really theres not much outside of a buffer spring and maybe a buffer tube/reciever extension that will break. The upper is ‘where its at’. Stock up on gas tubes and complete BCGs , ive got 3 of each. I want to get 3 bolts next and an extra gas block.