Dumbing Down of America


I really LOL

First Lady Melania Trump’s Initiative “Be Best”

Are you f*#king kidding me?


What do you think of Dwayne Elizondo Mountain Dew Herbert Camacho’s politics?



Lol thats hilarious! Grammar nazis are so cool.


Was the “Be Best” comment really any worse then this? http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2018/05/06/michelle-obama-still-questioning-why-women-voted-for-trump-in-2016.html


Try Brawndo, its got electrolytes.



Have you tried the chewing gum with caffeine in it?

What about energy drinks like Red Bull (I prefer the low sugar version).

Let’s all BE BEST (hilarious!).



just curious (don’t answer if not comfortable with it)… what kind of work do you do?

Me - I am retired.


It’s got what plants crave.


New topic idea. Drunk stories. I’ll start…
Wait… can’t remember.
That’s how good it was.



I guess I am not your typical retiree.

I don’t do reloads. I don’t build my own guns. I don’t get to go to every shoot. I NEVER laugh at working guys for running an old gun, or using steel case ammo. And, my income is not tight (my wife still works). Still, I don’t want to upset you, so question withdrawn.


Now John, we retired guys gotta stick together. And that means laughing at working stiffs like Robert.



You are one funny guy! Thanks for all the humor.

I take care of my young son, follow my hobby (guns, ammo, and accessories), do some investing, and travel a bit. So, I keep quite busy, actually. Unfortunately, this also means I don’t get to the gun range anywhere near as much as I want and miss most of the gun shows in my state (and everywhere else). Ugh! I love going to gun shows and to the range.



stick together - ok, but I could never laugh at working people. I respect them.


All done in jest. We were all working stiffs too.
I’m taking care of my 92 year old dad. My wife is still working as well. When dad does pass we’ll be headed to Az. We’ve got 40 acres out there with a small off grid building. (Solar power & composting toilet). Gonna add a well with a solar pump and build out a gun range to rival Hickok45. ( major envy there ). Wife bought me a Dillon progressive reloading press but still setting it up and learning before I get started.
Moving to Az cuz the population density in Apache County is 6.4 people per square mile. ( 3.2k sq/mi here in OC California )

@Robert. Go ahead. Weep uncontrollably :sob::sob::sob:



I wish you the best in AZ. Sounds like you have a very nice retirement ahead of you.

And yes, I worked my butt off for many years to get where I am today. So, I was definitely a working stiff for a long time.


You’ll like it in AZ. Wife and I may move before our parents pass but that will entirely depend on my wife and when she’s ready to move. All parents are in Texas so when we do move it will be way out west and pretty far away.

What kind of solar system is out there? We are going to do that as well.


The solar system is DIY. Four 6v golf cart batteries in a serial / parallel config and two 250w panels. Don’t recall the brand of charge controller or inverter. But it’s got plenty of outlets and led lights. My son-in-law is an electrician which was handy. It’s just a portable building right now that we’ll live in while we build a bigger place. Maybe about a 1200 sq/ft. Then the portable will be one of several shops for reloading and such.
It’s also going to serve as a home base. We’ve got a 5th wheel and plan to travel about half the year. Which is why congress needs to get of they’re asses to get the reciprocity bill passed.


I understand the tree issue. Still keeping our options open for some summer acreage in the Idaho / Montana area. Then become migratory to Az. Not sure that’s gonna pan out though.


I dig it! In order for us to go off-grid I’ve calculated our max and min usage (though for us in TX including two A/C units) and our system will be a bit pricey but a welcome expense. :cowboy_hat_face: