Dura coat

Has you ever used the spray cans of dura coat for painting a weapon?


I’ve only used the two part from a spray gun.


Duracoat Ultimate Do It Yourself Firearms Finish - Can Only (Matte Black)

Shot 20 rounds recently, cycled the action at least 100 times since and cleaned the rifle after I sighted in the scope. Tough stuff IMO. So far so good - seems to be holding up just fine.

For stripping any wood/plastic varnish/paint, ‘Citristrip’ works really well. Even sucked out soaked in gun oil out of the walnut stock.




I posted it a while back.

Long gun picture thread 2.0

Good luck in whatever it is your doing! :slightly_smiling_face:


I was thinking of changing the color on a pistol. I was curious how durable it really was.

I’d look into a different solution for a pistol myself, especially if it’s an automatic. My deer rifle is something that gets fairly abused in the late season, winter/wet conditions. I figured it would be much easier to maintain/touch up with the duracoat rather than bluing.

Like I said, maybe you might want to consider a different solution or ask around some more for your pistol.


I have used there arsesol can product
As always the prep on the piece being coated is the most important part
With that said Malle sure the can is mixed thoughly before applying
Quick even strokes works best
Make sure your not to close or to far away from the piece
I’ve used the old lady’s hair dryer and a heat gun in between coats both work well as long as your not to close to the piece
Repeat this for 4 - 5 coats
Then let air dry for 5-7 days imo don’t touch it let it cure

I don’t know if I’am late for this, but I Duracoat my build. I used the aerosol can and it when on ez ran about 500 rounds though it.


I have used Duracoat for decades. I was given a Ruger Blackhawk 3 screw that was found behind a toilet, were it had sat for an estimated 25 years. The leather holster was rotted to the pistol, and there was even a cleaning brush stuck in the barrel and cylinder.

On a bad note, I have a 1894 Winnie that had fur growing up on side, it had been in a wet safe for some time. I bought their old west blue. Its not old west, it SMURF blue.
Do no buy that color.