DuraCoat for fun

So my comp gun needed some finishing work, but no one around St. Louis would pick up the phone for a cerakote or plating job.

The upper is a blued Les Baer slide and barrel in .38 super. The lower is a Para Ordnance kit that comes stripped and in the white.

First I scrubbed the crap out of it using the spray they recommend and a Scotch Brite pad. Then I taped off all of the functioning parts. I maybe over taped as the back of the slide and frame is now 2 tone, but function first and I paid good money for those rails!

I used Sky Blue and Twisted Silver DuraCoat with a satin gloss coat in their nifty aerosol cans.

I sprayed a little too close and did not need more than two coats. I put way too much paint on thinking more would improve durability. Four coats later and the stamping is a little washed out. Luckily the serial number still shows clear enough. I ran out of blue paint on one double stack 1911 though.

It looks alright, functions great, and maybe after COVID a shop will want to do some plating on it.



Very durable finish, over 6,000 rds since it was refinished and still no wear marks.


Glad to hear about the durability. Mine will be drawn from holster and dry fired about that many rounds over the next couple of months!


Hell that looks like a factory PARA finish :+1:

(if they did blue)