Early voting has begun! GO VOTE.


I’m not sure if it is some or all states, but it has begun in at least some states.

PLEASE get out and vote.

Here’s GOA’s ratings for your reps.



I’ll be voting on Nov 6th. The village hall is just down the road from me.


Already did!


My son is now 18, so he will be voting his first time.


Anybody vote democrat?


I voted for one democrat - the one running against Diane Feinstein. I figure she’s got to go and there were no republican choices.


I don’t get how she keeps on getting reelected.

It seems like most everyone hates her, even Dems.


I don’t get either of them. Feinstein and Pelosi are scum and yet they keep getting elected.


Done deal.


Here in 0regon theres not much point in voting, Knute Bheuler is the republican candidate for governor and while he claims be pro gun a couple years back he supported an AWB and is pro choice. Theres only on gun bill on the ballot and its the second amendment preservation act which im unsure how to feel about it.


There’s more on the ballot than just Governor.


Not very good stuff here though, its pretty disappointing.


There were 11 measurements on the ballot in California. Almost all of them were to give the government control of something. Okay, no. There was one that repeals some sneaky taxes they imposed recently and more importantly forces them to put these measures on the ballot before they can implement them. That one I voted yes on.


all has to do with flying monkeys and not being the white witch


If I can’t say something nice … lol I was just kidding sort of in case no one knew.


I early voted today!


Voting conservative on Nov. 6th. Already printed out our sample ballot and did the research and so when we get to the booth it won’t take but a second to fill everything out.


Vote demonrat? Not with a gun to my head. DESTROY the criminal demoncrap party any way you legally can.
They hate us and lie their azzes off
I shit all over their websites with truth:
Your dnc so called news stations ignoring this one about this flaming POS


Count me in the Voted Already category, I can’t complain if I ignore the voting process.


No early voting in Virginia. Unfortunately Northern Va culture and it’s politics are spreading to my part of the state.