East German M56 Helmet


Well, the Cold War is in full swing. East Germany needs a helmet that doesn’t look like the old Nazi steel pots. What do you design? This thing I guess. At least it’s comfortable.


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Some information you may not know about these helmets.
I have always been interested in East German items and have an extensive collection as a result.
(I faced them in my Army service across the fences with the 2nd Cav during the Cold War)
But just having an item is not enough.
I research the items as best I can to gain an understanding of how they came to be.
The VOLPO helmet is one of these items and I thought you folks may like to know a little background on them,
For your consumption.

In 1956 development of this helmet was deemed necessary due to experience with the model 1935 and 1942 German helmet. Many head wounds were experienced by wearers of the earlier designs.
The design team led by Erich Kiesan started with the last developmental versions of the Nazi German steel helmet and steeply sloped the form to increase the glancing effect of the helmet.
The final design was tested using :
Direct shots from TT33 pistols at 10 to 25 meters.
MPi PPSch 41 at 25 to 100 meters.
Sharpshooter Rifle D from 300 to 600 meters.
SMG fire from 600 meters.
Also from the effects of:
Hand Grenades from 10 meters.
82mm Grenade Launcher from 10 meters.
76mm Cannon from 20 meters.
122mm Howitzer from 25 meters.
Taken into account were also the wearers comfort and utility.
Wind and Rain were also not to diminish perception of sound.
The users eyes were to be shaded from the sun.
It was to be comfortable whether the user is Standing, Lying, rolling, running, or getting up.
Also the suspension was not to cause any pressure pain. A well known phenomenon of even today's helmets.
The VOLPO helmet is perhaps the most scientifically developed Alloy helmet of the 20th century.


@Grenz45 I talk about it in more detail in military surplus circles. This is obviously just an amateur photoshoot and some humor. I know you just joined a day ago so you probably don’t know that, but what you should know is when you type in a condescending way you’ll probably peeve someone off, like the OP.

Thanks for sharing that info with us by the way.


Didn’t intend to sound condescending.
Very few know the history around that funny looking helmet.
But it interesting once they do; and folks tend to look at things differently after they do know.


Perhaps I shouldn’t have been so harsh. My apologies.


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