Easy 1911 tools

Couple tools can’t be without, good practice on inexpensive materials.
No tears if you screw up.

File or stone guide

Plunger tube flair tool

Slide block. The two 1/2" dowels have jack screws on the back to snug up the slide.


Don’t think I drew those up. Here is a tool that is a little more difficult for gauging the 1911 slide


Couple more easy 1911 tools
Fork for barrel alignment when fitting hood or feet, and a barrel lift bar for locking the barrel in place when fitting feet. Once the lift bar is in place remove the fork and slide can be installed on frame for fitting feet to the slide stop.


I’ve bought all this those tools. In the future I’ll start making the tools


The tools you buy are typically more refined, for sure. Little projects like these are good practice, be surprised how much math goes into something like that little fork. True diameter of cutter, width of barrel feet, width of slide, centerline, etc. And if you screw up you are only out about $1.00 in material. Like I said, good practice before you cut into a couple hundred dollars worth of blood and money!