All this makes me feel very fortunate to have no less than 3 Rural Kings within a half hour from my front doorstep.

On the flip side, I’ve never found their gun section to be very impressive. About the only thing I’ve bought there is 300 BLK when I’m running low and don’t feel like reloading.


Regular prices are not the lowest, but their sale prices are pretty good. They appear to have various ammo on sale every week, but it’s unpredictable. Last week, they had mostly shotgun ammo on sale. A few weeks earlier, they had Armscor pistol ammo on sale. I have picked up various brands of 9mm for $8-9/box on occasion. I haven’t seen many sales for 5.56/.223, though.


Never heard of these guys but I wish there was one in my town


Finally had a Saturday where things worked out that I could go to Rural King and check it out.

My daughter loves the place (said it was much better than Walmart, but did point out that it didn’t have an electronics section).

Place is bigger than I expected, and has a lot more stuff than I expected. (Yes, I ended up waiting a little while on a background check, and there’s a few things I want to look at, next time.)


Agreed, it’s a good sized store with a lot of variety -something for everyone in the family. I think that’s why Rural King reminds me of Kmart, only with an ag bent. But then it could be I’m biased by the fact the one we go to most often actually used to be Kmart. :thinking:

I like RK a lot as I can usually find everything I’m looking for in one stop. Saves me time from having to drive around town. But… I’m not a fan of their gun section at all. It’s way too small (see Note 1) for the amount of people (see Note 2) that congregate there and the prices are not all that great. I’ve never purchased anything other than ammo there on rare occasion and do my best to avoid that part of the store entirely.

Note 1: Picture an aisle only about 20’ long that dead ends into a wall. Now drop a glass case in the middle of that aisle where you can only walk down one side. It’s hard for two people to pass comfortably and then there’s the one or two idiots attempting to navigate through with a huge shopping cart. :roll_eyes:

Note 2: Mostly city folk shop the gun aisle at this particular RK. Unfortunately, they don’t share the same values and good natured courtesies as those of us who live in the more rural areas. Simply put, they’re rude. I got blocked in by one of these jokers with a cart once while they were inquiring about Glock Perfection among the counter staff. I moved the cart enough to squeeze by to get out, only to have the guy yell at me for touching his cart. :roll_eyes::roll_eyes:


I went to the Rural King in Clarksville, TN. The gun section was a depression in the back wall of the store, probably in the neighborhood of 20 to 25 feet deep, but four aisles wide (though they were narrow aisles), with the display case across most of the back wall.

The larger gun accessories (safes, racks, etc) were out in the main part of the store, in the ‘sporting goods’ (fishing, trapping, etc) area that you walked through to get to the depression in the back wall. The aisles in the depression leading back to the gun display case were for magazines, targets, ammo, holsters, a few air rifles, and archery items.

That depression was a small area, but I’ve been in a few gun stores in the Nashville area, that weren’t any larger, though some of those had a better selection of guns than Rural King (less of a selection of magazines, holsters, etc).

The distance from Nashville, and the gun selection being smaller than many Nashville gun stores, probably keeps the number of Nashville shoppers to a minimum, at that store. That’s not a bad thing, in my opinion. The fact that they did have multiple guns that I was interested in (I already know where part of my tax return will probably be spent), and a brand or two that some of the Nashville stores don’t seem interested in stocking, mixed with being able to wander around in the rest of the large store, makes it worth the trip, for me.

Edit: Before walking into the store, my expectation was that it was something similar to a Tractor Supply (TSC) store, but with a gun counter. That turned out to be off, by quite a bit.


The Rural King here is OK. They don’t have any say so as to what guns corporate sends them for stock. You can order online and have it shipped to the store near you. No transfer fee but you do pay for shipping. I can usually pick up Anderson stripped lowers for $49.00 almost anytime. Sometimes on sale for a little less.