EDC 1000 or more lumen flashlight recommendation?


My brain is hurting from reading all the info on tactical led flashlights. I want it to be waterproof, at least a 1000 lumens, tail cap button on/off, not plastic, preferably pocket or purse size and under $100. Even narrowing it down to that and reading dozens of reviews leaves me with an overwhelming number of choices good reliable brands.


Is this for edc? Why 1000 lumens? I usually carry a little Bushnell tactical, I believe it’s 300 lumens. Very compact, has a high, low,& flashing strobe. Projects very far, more than bright enough to inspect surroundings or temporarily blind someone.battery life is good. I only have an 800 lumen on my ar15 & it’s like a spotlight that lights up sever hundred yards. I would think battery life would be poor on 1000+lumen in a compact size that you’re looking for.keep that in mind.


I use these and have been replacing all my Surefire for these. I run them at work and on 4 firearms for the last two years with no problems.


here is a website you might like:


Personally, I have and love the Titan flashlight. Very tough and very bright (though not 1000 lumens).

Good luck!


JohnB. I looked at the site you just shared as I’m looking for a Streamlight TLR-8. Your guy might be a bit over priced. Found it for $52 less here. Perhaps better verity with your guy but once you know what your after it may be good to shop around.




my apologies. brightguy is not “my” guy. I was looking for some flashlight retailers and found them on the fly. Guess I should have looked at them more closely.

Actually, I have the Titan flashlight and LOVE it. It cost me about $70, but is extremely portable and quite bright. I bought it in my local gun store. Guess I should have stuck to that (Titan flashlights).

Thanks for the website link.


Thank you. Even though I’m over 50 I’m fairly new to all this and all the info out there seems to be making it harder to find what I would like. We got those Taclight that you see on t.v. at our local warehouse club for $15 and they seem decent enough but they aren’t waterproof. Also started looking at reviews and they seem to be a bit unreliable as well.


Don’t worry, TickledDog. I didn’t buy my first tactical flashlight until after I was 50, too.

And yes, the choices are overwhelming (much like the choices in guns - way too many guns I like to afford them all).

Good luck!


^ This. I’m so overwhelmed at the choices here. I just want the brightest light with a rear push button under $100. Preferably not-Chinese… I’m still looking though I’m going to likely have to ditch my no-Chinese lights thing. :frowning:


I think we have decided on this one https://www.powertac.com/Item/E9R because the price is a little lower than Surefire


Looks like a solid choice!


I can recommend this waterproof 1000 lumen under $100 tactical flashlight to you I have two of them they are bulletproof bomb-proof great flashlight. The model is a Fenix tk16 go to the Fenixoutfitters.com Hope that helped I do not want to add to your confusion it’s frustrating X selecting quality gear!


Shoot I forgot to and the picture.


We had a couple come in last week and covered them a bit in our podcast. I believe it was early on during the show as we try to cover products right away.


How about this? And what’s the best way to attach to our AR (M-LOK)?


I don’t have any first-hand experience with that particular model.I can tell you the Fenix torches I’ve used, have been outstanding flashlights.
As far as mounting goes, I would need to see the weapon and the flashlight, i really couldn’t give you a recommendation without seeing it, sorry!


I’m way under. My edc light is a tiny 100 lumen with a single AAA battery.

In the bottom of this image.

I do have a Fenix E35UE that has 1,000 lumens (and lower settings) that I use for barn chores and to carry when hunting. But it is too big for a pocket of my dress pants. Uses rechargeable 18650 Lithium cells.


Everything I’ve read seems to be a good brand.


@Stumpkiller, really nice EDC excellent choices👍


Good idea @Stumpkiller We should start a EDC thread!