EDC handgun /caliber


What factors narrowed your decision to what you carry? Mine Kimber Ultra Carry 2 size and I can hit stuff with 45 bulk



S&W PC 1911 Bobtail Commander, 45 ACP is old fat and slow like me, I prefer the cocked and locked carry method, and I shoot it well. I know there are better calibers out there, but this is what works for me. When not carrying this it’s a S&W PC 686+ .357 or FNH C 9 for pocket carry. I’m not brand or caliber loyal.



Glock 17 9mm. Im a larger framed guy so the size doesn’t bother me. I enjoy the capacity and don’t have anything against 45 ACP as I used to carry a fullsize 1911 but I carry the gun I feel most confident in its capabilities. Funny story is I bought a new Sig P238 just before deployment because I wear gym clothes a lot and know I would carry it more often. Best gun is the one you’ll actually carry right? Needless to say I will be switching over to a Glock 19 trying appendix carry. The wife will probably be getting the Sig P238.


When I first started carrying, I still lived in NY. It took almost 10 months but I did manage to get a “full carry” permit. Due to the circumstances at the time, a compact 1911 was my only realistic option. I got so comfortable with it that I never changed my carry gun after moving to a free state. I could shoot it more accurately than any other pistol I owned… until I picked up a CZ P-09. I can open carry that beast but I don’t open carry unless I’m hiking or camping.


I’m short (5’ 7") and overweight (working on that). Although open carry is legal in my state, I’m not comfortable doing so in public, and IWB is not comfortable for me. So, I pocket carry. On top of everything else, I have small hands, so not all pistols fit my hand well. For me, a pocket .380 is the best option, and I’ve been carrying a Taurus TCP for the past couple of years.


I got the biggest gun I could comfortably carry IWB. I’m a big guy, 6’5"-220#, so a SA XD .45 worked the best. Even in tshirts it can’t be seen. But I OC with my Taurus Model 66 .357 from time to time if I’m out on the range because I am more accurate with it and it is just more comfortable when busting through the brush.


Whatever caliber you can comfortably shoot and shoot accurately is the caliber you should have your EDC in. .45ACP was my favorite but that may be changing since I had nerve damage from a shoulder dislocation. I’ve tried 9mm and am still having problems. It hasn’t been a year yet, so there may still be some healing and recovery that needs to happen. Right now, it looks like more range time is in my future to iron things out.


1911 5" 45acp. I carried that all through my law enforcement carrier, I know the gun, I know it’s reliable and there’s no reason to change.


I carry a 9mm because there’s many choices available for great self defense ammo. I feel confident that a 9mm would do the work if I ever had a really bad day. I’m 5’9" and only 155 lbs, so I default to a 4 o’clock IWB position for my best concealment. My choice of gun comes down to the weather. From Fall to Spring I like to carry a H&K P30SK. Then from Spring to Fall I carry a Sig Sauer P938. I use Stealthgear IWB holsters for both guns and I really love the comfortable fit a breathable materials of the Stealthgear products. To be honest comfort is what keeps me carrying.


I second that. I love my Wilson Protector,I carry it everyday and it works the night shift as well. The 1911 is my 24/7 hand gun. It worked 115 years ago and it works today. The 1911 is the best hand gun ever made, no matter what all these kids whith their plastic Glock and M&P monstrosities say. I don’t care for their ‘opinions’. The 1911 won 2 world wars and they’re the only ones that ever mattered, nuff said.


Carry the pistol in the caliber you can shoot well. There are many options out there and most commonly used carry rounds have been around for a long time for a reason. I like 1911 best. You can get one in just about any caliber you want. Some like Gocks. The same thing applies. Whatever your favorite manufacture, platform design, and caliber is, there are plenty of options. I would rather be around a person carrying a .380 pistol that can shoot it well and hit what they are aiming at rather than a person with a cartridge that can take down a bear or elk and can’t hit the broad side of a barn.


Don’t get me wrong, the polymer pistols are good pistols, and I will certainly not slam anyone that carries them. It’ just a “not for me” thing. At this stage in my life I don’t think it’s necessary to learn another platform when I know the 1911 as well as I do.


Agency arms Glock 17. I carry it AIWB in a G-code Incog holster.


.22 long rifle will bounce around inside whoever you shoot it with, it’s the deadliest round known to man.

I’m obviously joking I don’t believe that bs, I like 9mm cause I have small hands so bigger caliber handguns tend to have grips that go way out of my reach.


Kahr cw45 in a iwb crossbreed holsters. I cahoots it good enough to take a Front Sight defensive handgun correct with it .


Sorry fat fingers I shoot in well.


I switch between two. G30S or a G43. The 30S is in a Comptac Minatar I believe. Hybrid style like many. The decision to go with this was 1- availability for that gun at the time I was making the purchase, 2-one of the IWB mounting options, I liked. Velcro clips, that hooked to the inside of the belt I picked up. I was able to carry even is a suite and tie without printing. For the G43, I wanted to try out an Armalite laser on it. Cooks Holsters seems to carry for a very wide assortment of gun, with different attachments. I went with a IWB style, simple friction fit Kydex…love it and tend to go for this more then anything. So much so the G30S may be going bye-bye soon.


I’m starting to dislike Wilson Combat because they’re over-the-top expensive.

$3K for a Protector!!! For a 9mm 1911 !!!

No way.

Their guns are beyond beautiful but i just can justify spending that much on a handgun.

I think they need to rethink their business model. They started doing Glock mods to pay the bills.

Why not lower gun prices? I would buy one tomorrow if it were reasonably priced.


Because they are hand made and top notch quality. You do realize Wilson Combat is like Maybach? You don’t get to drive a car like that at a Suzuki price point. They fill a niche. Supply and demand. I used to be crazy about 1911s but don’t own any of 'em anymore. 9mm is the only game in town, everybody agrees. Speer 9mm GDHPs perform better than 45 GDHPs. Lionheart is the best modern day pistol hands down. Superb machining and fit and finish and the same excellent raw materials that go in to it as WC (perhaps even better), but at mass production costs. The LH9 is seriously underrated and deserves a far larger market share. Lionheart proves that each and every Average Joe/Jill can own a pistol of amazing quality at a very reasonable price point, especially if you consider what value for money you actually get. Just look at the build specs, see what kind of parts and materials you get. And go figure what gun actually comes in a very nice nylon range bag with lots of extras. See what I mean?