Effective Range of Armed Self Defense Pistol Shooting Drill


If someone attacks you with a knife and you have a gun, you need to consider some important topics.


Great demo! If I’m comprehending this correctly, you ran the drill in reverse to show forward progression? (Distance & how quickly an aggressor can close in on you) correct me if I’m mistaken. I definitely always keep a round in the chamber! Seconds count! I also think you have proven the importance & necessity of having fighting/defensive skills besides only that of using a firearm. One has to be able to defend themselves, there may not be time to reach for your weapon. Great lesson sir.


This is why we need to regularly train with our tools. Someone who intends to do harm will not announce themselves before they attack.


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Ok thanks. I’m still learning my way around here. Any update on when more channels will be able to upload?


The guy to ask is @full30nick