Electric Harley



Harley is a useless shithole company. An electric motorcycle? Making faulty statements about moving their production overseas because of the tariffs when they were gonna do it a long time before that happened?

Don’t bother giving them any money. Buy a classic HD and let them suffer on the vine. It’ll be worth more down the line anyway.

/ rant over


How will we know it’s a Harley if it’s not obnoxiously loud?


The pretty orange & black colors?


Closest I had was a powerwheels C.H.I.P.S patrol bike when I was 8 years old.


Closest I had was a blonde…wait, never mind I thought we were talking about p***y for a second.


If we were mine was a redhead in collage . She needed recharged every 25 minutes too!


That bike is going to need a playing card in the wheel spokes to sound right.


Now that was funny!


Will they still leak oil?


Hmmm, well…leak…burn…lets just say…consume…


Adventure bike too.

Street fighter.

Gotta adapt.
We’re dying off.


All is good, it comes with the golden Showa.

Sat on one at CycleWorld bike show a few years ago. Pretty cool.

Is that Road America?


because it is on the side of the road with the rider either putting it back together or trying to start it.


…that is a depressing thought.


Puts a whole new meaning to her B.O.B.