Electronic hearing protection


Maybe this is the wrong place to put this but here goes. what kind do you use and what’s a good price for them. I have the big ear muffs and they are fine for the range. last couple years I have hunted with guns that have muzzle brakes and they are very loud in the woods with no ear protection. I want a set that’s small and can be wore under face mask and hats. I could change out the brakes and probably should anyway.

Maybe i’m hard headed but never knew a reason to need a brake, but the last four guns I have bought has them. Just never seen a reason for one on a small caliber weapon. But I will be buying some hearing protection before next hunting season. it’s painful to shoot without it. I have ringing in the ears 24/7 now, don’t need it to get worse.



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Indoor ranges I use formees backed up by electronic earphones.



I like the walker razors I use them for skeet and trap also when I am shooting my pistols and rifles . I find that they allow me to speak and hear and protect my hearing.



I have the Walker Razor, also. Low profile, about 40 bucks.



Thanks, goin to look up walker razors now.

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The razors are too big, I need something to go under a balaclava. anyone had any of these. this would be perfect if they work. they are not getting good reviews. but this style is what i’m looking for.

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These are the ones I use most often.

I got them at Midwayusa.



Those would work, who makes em and do they work? I’ll go to midway and look.thanks.



They are made by Walker.They work well but the buds are a little big.



Those may be exactly what i’m looking for. thanks.



I had a set of the Walkers that would not take a charge after about a year of light usage. They worked well until then.

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I have used mine for about three years with no problems.



Same here. They work fine, but I still use them with foamies when shooting the big stuff or indoor ranges…

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I currently have the walker quad muffs. I use them over my balaclava and hat. But I am seriously considering the in ear set by walkers game ear. Lots of great reviews and almost the same amount of dbl protection plus if your like me and a little hearing loss then they are also amplified and they clip when you pull the trigger. down side from reviews says battery life of these are bad.

looking at these as they have a 16 hour battery life and can be recharged in a supplied carry case with 3 aa batteries. But a bit pricey. I may save the funds and go this way as a lot of times I go in the woods before daylight and don’t come back out till dark.




I use an over the ear electronic amplify/suppress made by radiant. Had them about 8 years or so, work great. I think they were around $80. If I’m out in the field, I just use little ear buds from safariland, they work well.

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I like the Peltor Sport Tacticals that I’ve been wearing at work for over a year now. We have Walker Razors that we give our shooters to wear, mostly because they’re cheap enough to provide for everyone. But I use Peltors.

The best thing about the Walkers is that they are low profile and so they don’t cause too much stock weld interference. The worst thing about them is how terribly they get wind noise on the hard mic screens. It’s really bad. The Peltors cost more, but have soft fabric wind screens, and I don’t get any wind noise, ever. Another good thing about them is that the volume settings are push button, set degrees of volume, whereas the Walkers are click on, click off, free dial muffs, and the batteries get consumed faster. AC_SY400