Electronic hearing protection

I used a pair once hunting this year, to test amplification, a knit hat pulled over fine

the effect though, eh, not sure, made the woods far busier, much less tranquil, I could hear a constant motor, sounded industrial, somewhere, every damn squirrel noise was surely (not) a big buck


I use the over the neck and pull the earbuds up style that Jtr pictures. I have the purely earbud style also pictured but after all these decades of shooting, and not all of them with the best hearing protection they just don’t go loud enough for me. The biggest criticism I have of the over the neck style is that the battery doesn’t last long enough, about 4 hours then it’s dead. Heck, it hangs over the neck, Walker really couldn’t make the battery big enough to power it for a full day? Really? Or they couldn’t make them to take a hearing aid cell or 2? The tiny earbuds pictured take those so why not the bigger unit?

FWIW, I use it for competition and there are matches where we do go over 4 hours. But how do they expect a hunter to use them all day? Or for a match “higher” than a local match? Neither of the earbud styles Jtr pictures get in the way of a buttstock or any headgear I choose to use and that’s exactly what drew me to them. Even cut away muffs designed for buttstocks wouldn’t work for my PCC and would get dislodged. In 2 years no problem with them at all other than what I mentioned. If they’d put a larger battery in them I’d give them higher marks. Again, what was Walkers thinking!?? Maybe they want to sell everyone 2 or 3 of them? Not happening.