ELFTMANN TRIGGER $35 OFF & Free Shipping



$30 off ELFTMANN drop in triggers through October 31.


Added these for the 308 guys :wink: $30 off of them too.


Take it from someone that has reviewed a large number of AR drop in triggers. While the ELFtmann is a bit more expensive, it is worth every last penny. Nothing I’ve used is as crisp.


Thanks @Tactical_Reviews I was thinking of picking one up for myself! I may just have to now.


You won’t regret it. Got my comp AR set to about 2.5# trigger pull and about 1/64" break


Added a few more triggers to the website and changed the promo to be $35 off normal price and free shipping. That means the 3 gun triggers would be $234 shipped, and the SE triggers would be $127 Shipped. You can’t make this stuff up. Someone go post it on reddit.com/r/gundeals for me :laughing:


Now that is a deal. If I remember right, I paid $265 plus shipping for mine. I was so impressed I purchased three. If you’ve never used a two stage trigger on an AR, you’re in for a treat.


Now that is certainly saying something!