Sounds good to me :+1:


I like the new size. Not so small it’s hard to tell what it is, and not so big that it over powers the text.




Most of the twitter emojis have been removed from the easy pick drop down, I’ll likely thin out some more

for those of you that feel you need a merman-dark-skin-tone

you can find it here

the F30 emojis will be tuned, a few dropped, a few added, as usual recommendations are good


Yes, and go crazy a little bit with your imagination :nerd_face:


and with that last command RMS Full30 turned and hit the iceberg


C’mon, we have more confidence in Captain @Robert and his steering skills. :sunglasses:


so a titanic emoji is requested?


Can we get A Hilary Clinton one?


Never mind , found it :poop:


Alright, I’m an internet forum dummy. Where can I find these cool emojis? All I can seem to post are the ones on my phone, and the only gun emoji I could find is a water gun. :gun:


@Equin, click on the smiley face and scroll down till you see the F30 emojis.


What about an emoji wearing a tinfoil hat? You know… for people with ‘ideas’.


I had the idea this would suffice :infowars:


Nice, could also do a gay frogs emoji for that.


We’ve been over that


:rofl: man…that guy is f****g hilarious. I want to see him and Cortez in a debate.


Dang it. I must be doing something wrong. I click on the smiley face, but it doesn’t let me scroll down. It just turns into the “you like this” beer mug.


Smiley face in reply box like the one up here :arrow_double_up: