Enfield barrel

I recently made what turned out to be a bad choice in an online purchase. I bought, sight unseen, a Savage SMLE from a private seller. Upon delivery I did a basic strip down and discovered that someone had drilled a hole in the furniture side of the chamber obviously making this gun very, very dangerous to shoot. In all other respects the gun is in nice shape. In fact, the barrel was very nice, other than the drilled out part. All other parts of this story aside, I wonder about replacing the barrel. Can a used barrel be found these days that would be in any thing like reasonable condition? I know better than to look for a barrel in excellent condition, I’m just talking about a decent shooter, not a tack driver. I won’t be using the gun for hunting or target shooting or competitions or anything of the like so I wouldn’t be in the market for a new replacement match grade barrel or any thing not even a new barrel really. I would much rather have a rifle that is a below average shooter but has original parts than a great shooter with a newly manufactured barrel.

So, basically I would like recommendations. Should I sell this for parts? Should I look for such a barrel and if so I would love suggestions as to where I might look. Is it worth trying to save this gun or cheaper to buy another at a gun show? You guys get the idea I hope, if not quite please ask any questions you might have and as always thanks so much for your insightful knowledge and suggestions.


Numrich arms might be a start.

I didn’t see barrels on line but give them a shout they’ll help.


So its a hole in the chamber outside of the shell casing?

If so I wouldn’t be as apprehensive about a plug/braze or some other solid fill method,
perhaps ream the chamber if it protrudes into it (the repair)

So long as the brass case is supported


Is this what you may have?



Run a tap in the hole and thread in a plug. You just need to support the case.


It could be a demiled drill rifle, honestly I haven’t done any checking at all.

The hole is directly under where a case would be sitting, yes. I didn’t mention in my first post but should have that the chamber was gouged badly in two places right at the throat as the chamber becomes the barrel. Please forgive my lack of correct terminology, I’m still learning my way through that. These gouges mark the case and the bullet if I attempt to chamber a round and the material from the gouges form such large burrs that you would have to work quite hard to chamber a round.

I have a gunsmith in town but he doesn’t do that level of work any doesn’t have a chamber reamer for .303 (mine is the first he has had in his shop in at least a decade he says and he has never needed a reamer before. I have no doubt I would be buying the reamer should I use his services for such work, assuming he would take it on.). I’m pretty sure I would be looking for a gunsmith willing and able to do the work which would call for out of town shopping around.

I don’t know how those gouges would affect the rifle even if reamed well as they certainly would affect the bullet entering the barrel I would think. But perhaps I’m wrong there, I certainly have very much to learn and am the first to admit it. Having fun learning though this lesson came at a higher price than I was looking to pay :rage:

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Great idea! That sounds like it would give excellent support. Assuming I can find a gunsmith willing and able to do the work and assuming the other chamber damage doesn’t prevent it from being useable after the hole is plugged I might just give it a go! Details on the other chamber damage is in a previous reply. Thanks for the suggestion.

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That was my first stop too. I didn’t call them as I didn’t see any listed on their site but I’ll give that a try.

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Most DP rifles made for that purpose have a stamp into the wood in 4 places on the file indicating DP…
Can you get a picture of the hole?

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Thank you all for your suggestions and help on his. I have finally decided to go for buying an original barrel and hope I get one that is at least a decent shooter. If anyone happens to know where I can look for such retail or wholesale, please let me know as they not surprisingly are not for sale on every street corner.