Enfield Revolver, No. 2 MKI*


Accepted into service in 1938, this revolver features a spurless hammer and is double action only. Chambered in .380 SAA ball, it also accepts .38 S&W. Muzzle velocity is around 600 FPS. The trigger pull is HEAVY. With it’s bobbed hammer, it’s sometimes referred to as the tanker model. For those with a sharp eye, the holster is dated 1952.

Break open and auto ejecting makes loading faster than say a Nagant, but the break open lever spring is stiff indeed.


This is a robust revolver, and will take some abuse, but beauty is in the eye of the beholder. My example is missing it’s lanyard ring.

Nice big block sights…

There’s that dang heavy trigger…

Still, it’s a great piece of history and fun to shoot!


If you’re into British WWII kit, be on the lookout for one. Throw some lead down rage (slowly), and keep the Jerries away in the process! :uk:


Beautiful pistol!
Do you know the differences between the Enfield and the Webely?
I’m not very knowledgeable in this arena.


the factory that they were made in - there was a bit of a scandal involving the Webley MK6 and the Enfield MK2,
@ TOG you should ditch the RAF holster for a RAC one.


@switchpod I’m no expert but the Enfield was a competitor to the Webley, and ‘borrowed’ design features. Lots o’ legal problems and infighting when it was introduced.
@srdiver I found that holster in a pawn shop around here. If you have an RAC holster just laying around I’ll gladly take it off your hands! :wink: :canada:


there were two types - one in .455 and the other in .38 - ugly to say the least
and boy are they expensive on Ebay


You’re not lying! Lots of reproductions floating around too. IMA used to have some, but they’re sold out.

I’m pretty partial to my RAF holster. I was in the Air Force myself so there’s that, and the price was right.