Eotech HWS improvements for 2018?


Anybody know if this is true? Or when these improved models will be released? Eotech is claiming 100-250% increase in battery life but I cant find anything specific anywhere else.

Bump , anybody hear anything on this?

…Bump…I still havnt seen or heard anything on this

I have an EXPS2-2 that I picked up late 2017. Been functioning perfectly as long as I’ve had it. It doesn’t get consistent use due to me being out of the states, but it still works on it’s original batteries every time i’m back.

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Have you had any issues with the batteries draining while its turned off?

Not from what I’ve seen yet. I’ll be back stateside late this year, so if it’s draining while it’s off, I imagine I’ll see some significant issues. If I remember at that point, I’ll keep you updated

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So I was back stateside about a month ago, and I had no trouble with the EXPS 2-2. Picked it right out of the safe and was smacking a steel plate at 300yds no problem. I had to adjust my windage right about 2 clicks, but I think that was my shooting position more than anything else. Still happy with the HWS+G33 magnifier combo.