Episode 161 of Self Defense Gun Stories

Responsible gun owners defended themselves, but you didn’t hear it in the news. Instructor Andee Reardon O’Brian talks about four recent examples.

Are you armed as you deposit money at the ATM?
Are you armed at an open house?
Are you armed as you stop to buy gas and coffee?
Are you armed as you walk down the street?

These gun owners faced a lethal threat. What should you do in these situations? Text and 19 minute podcast available at the link.


Listening right now and so far so good!

Thanks for sharing!


Just finished listening…

Very informative podcast and I believe you did an excellent job interviewing your guest.

I look forward to your future podcasts.

Again, thanks for sharing!


The podcast was very appropriate in pointing out “Being in America” does not mean you are always “safe”… It is your Right to protect yourself by whatever means necessary but that has a caveat about being aware of your surroundings. The lady was informative and seem self-assured, good characteristics for an Instructor.