Escaped Leader Announcment


What? Who? How?

  • California
  • Robert Morse
  • Picked up and left

Rob has been here just a short time but his contributions to the firearms community are well established,

So much so theres not much I can add except to highlight his having successfully fled California, has written 1500+ articles and is on 3+ hours of podcasts and radio a week.

I would also like to add your (FULL30 members) input here on FULL30, shared stories and experiences may be noticed by him and help him to help us all.

One thing we can not have too much of is cooperation, lets all please both welcome and help Rob out.

Congratulations Rob, and Thank you!


Congratulations @RobertM Thanks for all you do.




for a bit I thought you were referring to here…


Thank you.
I do what I can, but please don’t make me go back.
I’m new here, so please point out points of interest as you see them.


Jump In, the water here at FULL30 is relatively calm. We all express opinions and I am, at least, subject to making errors, I learn from the rest of the forum, so relax, glad to have you.


Good for you Brother. Where did you escape to?




From what I am hearing you got out just in time. When they start taxing text messages and talk about making it go back 5 years and raise property taxes and go back 5 years it’s time to get.


switchpoid, I stopped running when I had all of Texas between me and California. I live in cajun country.


Welcome to the forum!


Good for you Brother!


Thanks for your contributions.



Congratulations on your successful escape from Commiefornia.