Et tu Brute? Or rather, Et tu Costco?


Another retailer cowers to the libs


Geez that’s sad. Why can’t a firearm retailer donate money to a good cause? Shame on you costco.


thank you very much, mquinn55. I did not know about Costco, but am glad I do now.

Now, I don’t have to renew my membership with Costco.

What’s the scoop on Walmart and Sam’s Club?


Good question! Every one of my dollars is a vote.


I personally have not heard anything anti-gun about Walmart or Sam’s Club on a corporate level. Others have mentioned Walmart in other threads but I’m unaware of any specifics.


switchpod: great way of thinking!

mquinn55: Thanks for the feedback. From what I have seen, Walmart tries to do the right thing, and mostly gets it right. They are a general store, so we should not expect them to be as tuned in as a local gun store, but they sure beat the heck out of what Dick’s Sporting Goods has and is doing.