European FIrearms Directive



here is an article from TFB:


Your aprons are not and never will be free people. As long as they continue to think their government will do everything for them from birth to grave.


The EU is the “european soviet”. It was designed to be a precursor for the total abolition of the various European nations. Their sovereignty is gone.

That is what they have in store for you here in the US.

Say goodbye to your rights. Especially your 1st and 2nd Amendments.



What hypocrisy.
This from countries that for hundreds (actually thousands) of years haven’t gone for more than a generation or two without trying to exterminate each other?


Also see UN small arms treaty! We should cut our fealty to the UN and never surrender our arms!“there’s an American with a gun behind every blade of grass” or"I’m afraid we have awakened the sleeping tiger and just for miss,end the fed imf bank of Brussels ect.,see!