Ever seen a YouTube stream chat run 100 miles an hour?

We figured out what happens when an army of people share my stream. 4000 people stopped in at one point and I had a steady 3800 for over an hour.
The sad part about the story I was covering, was that nobody knew or knows anything. The conspiracy theories are running even faster once the sheriff Facebook went down.

New York Red Flag Law Abuse (Putnam County Developing) Live coverage.


Tgc and 180 Johnny and Mr gunsandgear did vids on it

I’ve seen busy videos split chat out to Twitter or have someone monitor if that’s the issue


now that the smoke has cleared was he just a nutbar trying for his 15 minutes of internet fame.?


This story - how do we really know the truth?

We are told it was not Red Flag, and instead was domestic violence. But, it was originally reported as Red Flag. Does anyone know how to know the truth? Trust the media? Trust the local police? Trust Alex Booth?

Anyone have any idea(s)?


who reported it as a “red flag” - the one that was about to be arrested for violating a protection order (and if you think about it, the separated spouse had every legal right to have used deadly force against this reporter) ?



You are probably right. If so, that really stinks that Booth is turning this into something it is not. Really violates people’s trust.