Ever wonder what hapend to the Ozone layer?

It was me and my childhood running these on R12. Sometimes I miss my childhood.



Or those juvenile delinquents who used to huff freon back in the day.

Not that I’d know anything about that. :woozy_face:


Lots of dust on this.

The ozone layer is still doing what it’s done for millions of years. Sunlight causes O2 to become O1 and O3 (ozone). Oxygen is very unhappy in any condition other than O2, so it very quickly reverts back to O2. Sunlight makes it and it reverts back, a continuing process. The sun goes down and the process stops and the ozone hole occurs, again a natural process and nothing new. But at night there is no UV to be protected from. What is missing in Antarctica in the winter? Sunlight. So yes there is an ozone hole above Ant’ in the winter, but there’s also no sunlight and no UV and absolutely no problem. Nothing to see here. It was just the left trying to gain control of everything (again).