Experiences with german-made ARs ?!

Hi everyone,
i’m new to this community but have been following a number of channels like MAC or LAV for quite some time.
Since i’ve always been a fan of your weapon reviews, has anyone on this forum gotten their hands on german-made ARs like the OA-15 from Oberland Arms or any AR-15 made by Schmeisser?

Greetings from Germany :slight_smile:

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Hallo, und herzlich willkommen! Leider hab ich kein Erfahrung mit deutsche AR-15 Sturmgewehre, sonst es wäre ganz toll den G38 zu bekommen, den damit fehlt absolut nichts! Es ist einfach perfekt, obwohl Geissele Abzüge der Spitz sind;)

[Translation for my fellow Americans: Hi there, and welcome! Unfortunately I have no experience with German made AR-15’s but would like to get my hands on a G38 (better known to us as the HK416A5) because there’s absolutely nothing wrong with than gun. It’s simply perfect, although Geissele triggers are the best].

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Hey I had my hands on OA AR-15 when I visited IWA Nürnberg. Seemed really pretty solid for me.

Thank you for your swift replies gentlemen and kudos to you Minuteman for your german language skills! How come you know it so well?

Thanks. Foreign languages happen to be part of my overall skills set. Including German, which I picked up at ‘Abitur’ level.

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Well i kinda hoped that MAC would have some information about those ARs since they’ve had many foreign produced weapons on their show. Maybe a topic of interest for a future episode, since those companies are said to produce high quality parts and rifles.

My only experience with a German AR was getting to use a HK416 in Afghanistan. It shot just fine and was very dependable but then again so was my issue M4 so I guess I just didn’t see what the big deal over it was.

I have an HK MR762, and other than “historical” firearms that is the only German rifle I have. I think mine might be made in NH and not actually “Made In Germany” Although a little heavy, it is a very nice rifle.