Fail to feed malfunction



Getting fancy with the editing

most of my ftf have been mag related


My software allows multi camera, like 6 of them including one feed for a monitor to do a web page. It lines them all up and I process it by clicking on the number camera and it makes a master video that I can then edit down further. I try to learn a little something new with each video.


I noted the flipping image between …shots or sentences?

Not sure what you call them but timed well.


yep, that’s the multi camera. The audio track is lined up on all of them. I can flip back and forth with no issues in the audio.


What editing software do you use?


Corel video studio X10


Thanks. I’ll check it out. I used Pinnacle Studio Ultimate in the past. It was great software back in 2008-ish, but there are many more options these days.