Failure to eject




I see what you did there.


stove pipe?
limp wrist?


Worse is premature ejection. At least if there’s a failure to eject, you’re still in battery. Premature ejection and it’s all over.


And then there’s failure to extract…


I posted something but it was bad so it’s gone . Sometimes a evil monster pops in my head and I can stop him.


If I think back… I had this problem twice… then years later a third time. Now I have three kids. Love them… but not I do not care seeing as how I shoot blanks.


This was a serious video and we hijacked the thread and made it all pee-pee jokes. What’s wrong with us? Lol. Sorry, @Tactical_Reviews. It was a great video. Apparently, we’re just all children around here. Myself included. :rofl:


Not the first time, won’t be the last. :grin:


Don’t be fooled, he sets them up that way for plausible denial


Who, me? No.:thinking:


what really sucks is when you are all loaded up and ready to fire and the target pulls away…