FAL vs AK vs AR vs other ( vs. thread 2.0 )


What do you prefer for a semi auto politically incorrect combat style rifle?

This is the 2.0 version of the other ‘AR vs AK’ thread. ( AR or AK )
@stimpsonjcat and myself were having a conversation on this in another thread so I am moving those comments here for further discussion. I hope you dont feel I am stepping on your toes by moving your comments here, @stimpsonjcat .

If you hit the “other” option then specify what rifle and why you prefer it. With any of the other options specify which variant(s) you prefer

  • FAL variant
  • AK variant
  • AR variant
  • Bullpup variant
  • Other - specify

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I prefer the AR CH and the FALs ergonomics are too clunky. The rest of that is a training issue.
Train more, Talk less. :rofl:

How to deal with common AR15 malfunctions

I was simply making an observation that perhaps the platform is partially responsible for the amount of training it requires.


Grab AK. :crazy_face:


Same could be said about any platform. People should train for malfunctions regularly with their firearms. Good thing about the AR15s is they are very easy to operate, quickly. I like the FAL too, its a great platform but its apples to oranges. I personally like the AR more. Every design has its quirks and every person has their preferences. These videos were made to teach people how to deal with malfunctions, I can find similar ones on the FAL. The fact thst there are videos does not mean anything ,really.

If there were 5.56 FALs I would own just as many of them as ARs, though.


I have spent an insane amount of time around the FAL. Shooting them and watching them be shot. I am unaware of any malfunction that requires a FAL shooter to let go of the pistol grip except a POGO for clearing a re-chambered empty…which is the same for both.

The drop-free nature of the AR mag makes it fast. It also makes it prone to not seating on closed bolt.

The location of the AR CH means it is out of the way. It also makes it awkward to get to when you need it, especially if prone.

Can you train to minimize these issues? Sure. But you shouldn’t have to.


CH is on the wrong side unless lefty. :wink:


They are out there!


And the Fal is not as balanced, has clunky controls and is heavy…we can go back and forth all day. I prefer what the AR has to offer and you prefer what the FAL has to offer, it is apples to oranges and both are good platforms.

I can run my AR efficiently and you can run your FAL efficiently, both sides have there advocates. I like both ,tbh. I do not like trashing on the FAL though, its such a sexy rifle…I feel so gay saying that about other peoples rifles. :man_facepalming:


Yep, excellent videos highlighting how the AR CH and BHO are totally in the wrong spot.

Second only to watching folks cram mags into ARs on closed bolts only to have them fall out on bang/click.

…puts on nomex…

How to deal with common AR15 malfunctions

Sorry about the mixed up order of the posts ,I am still trying to figure out the sites controls :man_facepalming:




That Falls under “other”, Mr. Money bags.


Having 2 of the three is cjoose the ak just my preference
My love for the fal is no less though
The fn fnc is a mixture of all of them though
It’s a badass rifle


91 because it’s paid for.


Here’s my take, and yes I am totally biased considering the M16/M4 was what I trained on and deployed with for over 20 years.

The AR hands down as far as I’m concerned. Ergonomically speaking it is one of the best IMO. Yes the CH is a pain initially but after training it is just natural to me. Add to that the offerings from Geissele, BCM, Radian, etc… with their ambi CHs and its so easy a “cave man can do it”. Modularity, again the AR. Some have caught up (newer FALs, AKs, CETME types, etc) but none approach the AR in my opinion. Ease of support and maintenance/repair, again the AR. Just look at swapping out barrels for example. Add to that parts availability. If you have a “mil-spec” AR then parts are truly plentiful and easy to get.

Now I have love for AKs, FALs, bullpups, and the such and have shot them; however, practically speaking I believe the AR is still King in this country for the reasons I posted above. Also a huge driving factor from what I see is the large number of GWOT vets who gravitate to the platform they fought with. Just as the M1 had its adherents after WWII and to an extent the M1A/M14 after Vietnam (though I would argue the AR picked up steam in theciviwian world because of Vietnam), the AR today is the face of the American shooter thanks to our time over in the sand box.

Just my to cents and I’m sure I will incur the wrath of the AKphiles here, LOL.


I prefer the AR CH, its one of my favorite things about the platform.


Admittedly totally biased, but for me the FAL wins for ergos. Assuming RH shooter.

Can check simple jams by yanking bolt handle, face need not leave rifle. Even prone.

Can check nastier jams by yanking handle and rotating to look in chamber, rifle is still on shoulder.

Can lock bolt to the rear by only moving one hand, pull bolt handle to rear, index finger sets BHO.

Reduced issues with mag seating as beak-style mag much more positive than press in. Tie with AK/GX.

Safety with thumb without moving PG hand (tie with AR, AK and Gx lose)

BHO feature (tie with AR, AK and Gx lose).

The only issue I have with the FAL is when you mount an optic it gets as hard to clean as a Gx…but I am working on a solution for this.


Judging by the poll , @LonewolfMcQuade is really a lonewolf . I think @RogueGunnWorks prefers bullpups also ,though.


Got any pics of your FAL that you might be willing to share? There seems to be a lack of FAL porn at the moment.