FAL vs AK vs AR vs other ( vs. thread 2.0 )


Love my bullpups, like having a full size rifle in a compact, manuverable package


What kind of optics do you run on it?


A bushnell tactical red dot with integrated iron sites(acog knockoff) &burris 3×magnifier



IMO, the AR-15 is king and will remain king until there is a massive new innovation in the firearms world - which will probably be cartridge based. Even then, the AR-15 may remain king.

The aftermarket support and decades of iterative development has turned the AR-15 to an impressively refined piece of machinery. As much as I would love to branch out into another firearm, like the Bren for example, it’s hard to justify the change when I can get an AR-15 for cheaper, or a well tuned AR-15 for a similar price.

It’ll take a while for another firearm to obtain anywhere near the amount of refinement and aftermarket support to overtake the AR.


She’s been through many iterations over the years.


Last year at the Carolina RnG

With my form 1 can on it

My ‘happy switch’ SA48 in short bbl form

The 8mm


Not anymore. :cowboy_hat_face:


:+1: I might be an AR15 fan boy but I can appreciate class when I see it. Nice collection.


How are you liking that p90? @switchpod was showing his off in another thread, its actually a pretty neat design.


Fucking love it. Very happy with this purchase. My expectations were VERY high and it actually exceeded them. That’s not a small feat. Love the 5.7x28 round too. Want the Five Seven pistol and an AR with the 5.7 upper. Just needs a +P cartridge. :wink:


I need an AR made of steel with wooden stock/handguard and a bakelite pistol grip. Something tells me I’d like the AK much less if it were made of aluminum and polymer. Being a geezer, I find weight and old-school materials very reassuring.


There is not very much polymer on an AR. I agree about weight though, I like quad rails which are pretty obsolete.


I agree. No m-lok, no key mod. I want a cheese grader! Quad rails for all!


I have magpul rail covers over ladder style rail covers. I just cutout a spot for my accessories. I like the weight up front.


I’ll chime in… I love the FAL… Love the FN FNC too… but, I go back to bulpups…


It would take a LOT of money to get this away from me… this is my first AR magazined weapon. My first semi auto rifle was an AUG…
By the way, love the SP90 (P90) I just think it is highly over priced like most FN rifles are now.

LITTLE STINGER is a select fire now and it a total hoot. Love the round too


What exactly is that top one?


It is the FAL little brother. Like an AK and an AR had a thing… and this was the result. It is actually really badass. Best of both in many respects. It even has an adjustable gas system you can do on the fly. Very cool in my book. You can still get them… they are around 4k for a well used one.


That why I tell people to get one of these.

A lot cheaper than finding a FN FNC in my opinion.

If you have 4K to blow be my guest. I just rather spend more on ammo!


I thought it was an FNC, I was curious what company made it? FN,SA , Imbel etc.