False gun control promises

While we can’t upload videos to Full30 yet, I think it might help if those planning to in the future linked to some of their content. In that vein, here is the first video I’ve ever posted to my Youtube channel(Just to piss YT off). While I’ve had the channel for years, I’ve never added content until today. While it is on YT, I’ll link it from Bitchute to deprive YT of any views.

Sorry for the twitchy cuts, I really need a better video editor.


Great vid. Thanks for sharing it.

This issue should be redirected to the governments use of STAGED ATROCITY PROPAGANDA to achieve political goals.

If you don’t “believe it”- I suggest you start studying up on Deception and how it works.

These "mass shootings’ are faked and are coordinated by FEMA’s National Exercise Division and are implemented with “partner agencies” like the FBI and CIA.

This is happening and needs to by outlawed.

I just hope some of my favorites come on here so I can subscribe to them because they all left YouTube.

Thanks for the interesting video.

Not sure who really believes the left’s anti-gun agenda of just “sensible gun laws” - I sure don’t!