Family Rifle.... An oldy but a goody

     It's been a bit since I have been on the site. My laptop hard drive decided to crap out. But the deal reason for the post is to share the family rifle that everyone just found out about. 
      The short of it is my grand mother is now 93 and having some health issues. So with the help of my parents and other family, everyone moved my grandma down to Southern California from Washington St. Well in the move, they we're cleaning out the closets from items that have been stored and not seen for over 50 years. I am fortunate to have a lot of my grandpa's items. His baseball glove, cleats and bat from when he played in the 50's. A bunch of fishing gear. But what I am really happy about are his WWII metals, pins and dog tags and the Winchester model 1892 rifle.


I can’t see the photos. Broken image I’m guessing. I’m glad that you found a hidden treasure!


Way cool


@GGGwood very nice heirloom you have there.


Thank you. I was very surprised.


Now the pictures come up! Beautiful rifle Brother!


Very cool!


Beautiful rifle, GGGwood.


25-20 rounds




That is absolutely gorgeous!!


Wow! Great find!