Its not just firearms

this is on par with the antigunners and comes from big $ and will and should piss you off


I cant get the link to work, mind giving me a run down? Sounds pretty good, tbh. Hope Michael Bay is involved.


I’m still watching it, its on amazon, its worth searching out


Sounds interesting. The website makes mention of “violent action by misguided government bureacracies.” What kind of violent action? USDA SWAT team raiding a farm? Are the misguided government bureaucracies following laws and regulations lobbied for by big, corporate agribusiness to put the squeeze on small town farmers?


Yes, multiple agencies , multiple times same farms getting warrants that allow taking samples instead taking everything, terrorizing farmers, families, children

this documentary largely, seems aimed to destroy raw milk industry under guise its bad , one farmer made a wise statement saying IF it were bad as they say then he would never have been born as generations before all used non pasteurized milk

We’ve watched netflix movies before on the numerous dangers of pasteurized milk and we’ve not bought any in years as a result

This is one of our regular type shows we watch, food, food industry, it’s a cesspool and is related to big pharma ,related to mandatory healthcare, related to agenda 21, etc etc etc


I’ve watched this documentary a while ago and it’s a good one.

Currently, we’re part owner of Amish farm and have been for about three years now.

It’s where we get most all of our organic dairy products (Milk & Cheese), all kinds of jam, honey, fruit and vegetables.

Wife makes our bread from scratch using real organic non-grounded imported wheat almost daily.

We do a small garden every year as well.

I have a buddy that I get a half cow from each year that is grass feed and raised naturally.

Then of course, I fish & hunt every chance I can to keep the freezer full.

It’s how I’ve been every since I started my own family, so I know for a fact my boys, wife and I are very healthy today because of it.


Makes sense


Interesting. I thought pasteurized milk was a good thing and that un-pasteurized milk increases the risk of bacterial infection. But it sounds like this documentary puts out a competing argument against all that we’ve been told about all that. I’m more curious to watch this now.


I pray you do.


Well to be fair you have decide which facts to listen to. Youre not wrong but there is definitly two sides to the coin.