Farmer charged with felonies while trying to register his guns



Another example of don’t comply. I’ve been saying for years, they are not going to knock your door down and take your guns. They will pass laws and get you to comply, those who do not comply they will get your neighbors and family to turn you in. Each law is one step closer to achieving that goal.


I literally don’t even know how to respond! That’s the most f#%&ed-up thing I’ve read in a while, the president of the United States should step in immediately! simply disgusting, no citizen should be treated like that.

“edit” The only option i see is Exodus from the state. You’re better off go where you’re appreciated!

Already sounds too late to me. I know that’s harsh but I couldn’t do it there’s no way!
Those people have my prayers, it truly saddens me to see.
California’s been taken, you guys are now in occupied territory, I’m sorry.


Totally agree. California, along with a hand full of other states are stripping away the rights of law abiding citizens based on emotional response. Emotions have no place in dictating laws. California is leading the nation off a cliff. IMO, let the first lemming run off the cliff if that’s what it wants to do, but we need to stop following them.


I think Americans far and wide need to occupy Commiefornia with our legal 30 round firearms. It is time for the rest of the country to see we are not kidding about our 2nd Amendment.


Best way to deal with it is two fold.

One, challenge all these unconstitutional laws, every last one.

Two, be proactive and stand up to every bill before it’s passed. It’s easier to fight before it becomes law.

Need to stop their forward motion and push them back. States have the rights to pass law so long as they are not in violation of the Constitution. Example, a state can not make slavery legal. Nor can a state pass law making a religion the official religion of that state. These are violations of the law of the land, just as restricting the right to keep and bear arms for legal law abiding citizens. Arms are not restricted to one type or another. Arms are any extension of the human hand, be it a AR15, handgun, sword, knife, or pointy stick. ARMS, period.


It’s insane that we have to fight for our property like this, while no one who owns one cares. But what if they tried banning cell phones and computers? Ever single person would get pissed about that though.


I’m going to be honest and ruthless. First, fuck California and fuck all the people who voted to let these subhuman people in office and those who didn’t vote. Attention law abiding Californians, you did this shit to yourself.

Second, now that my rage is out there (because this stuff absolutely angers me to the core), two or three things need to happen and happen fast.

  1. All the people who refuse to participate in the voting process need to STOP being lazy and or give up and get out and vote these fuckers out of office. (This goes for everyone countrywide too) The time for complacency and laziness is over. Tens of millions of law abiding constitution supporting gun owners don’t vote…think about that for second. What do you think 10-30m people in our camp would do to the political landscape? Change it that’s what.

  2. Don’t make the same mistake this guy made if you know what I mean.

  3. The state of Jefferson stuff need to happen if the first point above doesn’t.


Thank you! Someone had to say what we’re all thinking. This is the kind of energy that will defeat these tyrants. We all need to get angry!


Angry but under control. The last thing we need is what the left is allowed to get away with, and that’s violence and harassment. Our voices need to be heard but in a manner not confrontational. Make sense?


People who don’t vote are to blame. In Wisconsin, a blue state, the silent majority get angry and voted the last few elections. The state went redfor the first time since Reagan. Get out and vote. Nothing good happens when good people do nothing


Yes makes sense. It’s controlled anger that can win. If it’s not controlled you’ll look like all the other whimpy SJW out there. So of course I have to agree with you 100%.


Registering your weapons is not a right. It is a control measure, a tyranny instrument.

While I think you should just be able to vote based on you state issued ID (that required SSN & birth certificate to get) and not have to register it really isn’t the same thing as a firearms registry.


The Shit here in ca is bad. I’ve been volunteering with the CRPA the last few weeks making calls to registered Republicans to push them to vote and to as many gun owners as we can find. The thing that we do have going for us right now is the sanctuary city / state issue. A lot more conservatives seem to be riled up to vote because of that. Whatever turns them out is great.

Regarding registration, there are two options to legally avoid that. Going featureless. (Paddle on the grip so you can’t get your thumb around it. Fixed stock and no flash hider allowed.). Some are going that route even though in my opinion it makes the gun less safe. Other option is a fixed mag. So you need to break the weapon open to release the mag. But the key for anyone is NEVER REGISTER.

The way the system works here is the top two contenders for any office move forward from the primary to the general election. Right now the Republican favorite is polling in second place. But if people don’t turn out next week we could end up with only the two worst anti-gun, pro-sanctuary dick brains on the ballot.


Dude, your struggle is real. I really hope you and your comrades make some changes. Getting people out to vote to keep (all of) our rights is paramount across the country.

As for that bit I quoted. I follow The Daily Shooter and his rifles look like shit and would be uncomfortable for me to use with all the BS they make you do. That fish fin grip is abominable and unsafe since you really don’t fully get a solid grip around it.


I went with the Quick Pins /Mag lock /BAD lever option as shown here. An expensive mod but beats a felony violation. All it takes is a traffic stop with a non modified rifle to get nailed. Hopefully we can get this nonsense reversed. If not it may be time to bail. As I’ve said before, I hate running from a fight but sometimes its the only option.


Cannot tell if you’re being serious as a large portion of your posts as of late are if a humorous or sarcastic nature. But I’ll reply anyway. :smiley:

You need proof you are a citizen and you live where you say you do and are allowed to participate. I will not condone people without these documents to vote. Period. Otherwise the left continues to stack the deck with illegals and the dead voting. So if you don’t like the SSN or birth certificate then what do YOU suggest as a means to prove identity? Because you will need to prove your identity, unless you’re a “sovereign citizen” wackjob. :wink:


I’ll second that. A quick story from my working days.
We had a long time visitor from Japan working here for about two years. Nice, polite guy. He followed politics and my coworkers and I frequently talked about the need to vote. After an election one year he came to work all proud that he had voted. We quizzed him on it and turns out his neighborhood polling place was across the street. He went in, gave them his name and they handed him a ballot. I don’t know if it ever counted or not cuz there is no way he was on the voter list. But I just don’t know.
He was embarrassed (and scared) when we explained that as a non citizen he wasn’t allowed to vote.
In the back of my head I think it’s pretty easy for illegals to vote.


I’m not not up on all the abbreviations like, wimpy sjw. what is that one, I’m trying to follow along but I don’t know a lot of the terms you guys are using sorry.


What does the purple stained finger symbolize, is it a metaphor ? please explain.