Fathers Day 2023 - Keeping it real

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Hello FULL30 and Juxxi readers!

If you’re like me its just another day, if you’re in any type of sales its time for yet another promotion.

And why not, its a good opportunity, we all like to give nice gifts to our Fathers, and well, our Fathers like to get them too.

So Jarrad hit me up, you all know Jarrad right?

Jarrad is one of the owners here.

Well Jarrad wants a Fathers Day promotion sent to all you good people

What, you think I can say no?

Did you see the last guy who said no?

Come to think of it, has anyone seen the last guy that said no?

So here I am already agreeing to do it before I have any idea what I’ll do, what can I do, no one sends me gear to review, any of my old gear seems….old, (it is) I can talk about all the John Wick gear I’d like to have…(drool)

Well luckily Jarrad did tell me to “Think outside the box, you are great at that”

Compliment from Jarrad? or…. ?

So rather than promote, let me just share my fathers day and we’ll make the commercial aspect subtle, keep it real….ok?

Just an hour before Jarrad reached out I had just ordered my Fathers Day gifts, hows that you say?

Well as a simple guy I like to keep it simple, for gift giving occasions I either ask for easy items, another pack of black socks, that’s an easy one as they to easily get holes in them, or I order something I was already planning to get and my wife gives it to our daughter and plays it off as they came up with it together, it works, and what does a father want more than to see their children happy?

What did I need this year, a new Chainsaw?

I’d of course always welcome a new saw, but I have a 395XP I’m already proud of, and when its time to cut wood bigger is not always better, those cool big saws are for young guys that can still take the abuse.

I’d like to run one of my smaller saws and still power through like I’m running a bigger one.

So I ordered two new chains for a Stihl MS261 I have that is much smaller but still fast

Its not my normal go-to saw, that’s a Husky 55 my Dad gave me a couple years back, he bought it new in 97 and I feel a sense of pride running it. But I’m aware its never been rebuilt and I’d like to keep it from to much heavy work. Coincidentally the Stihl was also given to me a couple years back, that’s when I moved from S Fl to the woods here in MI, no regrets there, you can walk through the woods up here. It was from a pastor friend and while I do like it a lot it still sports the home owner safety chain it came with and never cuts as good as I feel it could, which is what I hope these Rapid Super chains with the threatening yellow label on the box will do, maybe you guys reading already know and can comment as I won’t get to try one until after Fathers day, don’t want to ruin the surprise for my daughter.

Think this is to much about me, hey, its the Captains log, we have a guest blog area and if you want to write an article please hit me up and we’ll discuss it, after we’re done with this one ;<)

So is that it? No, I was also planning to buy a fancy electric sharpener, but they require removing the chain, that’s not what I had in mind, I did see small Dremel type sharpeners and since I have a Dremel I figured I’ll just use that and bought a pack of bits for mine.

Again, if any of you readers have insight on this plan please let me know in the comment section.

Now, I think I’ve been pretty subtle on the promotions, but there may be a few Guns even John Wick wishes he has, for me I’d like one from our friends at Guns.com

Or… maybe a Custom Build from our sponsor at XRing3

What do you guys think, has it been real so far?

I think I can do better, here’s whats real. The efforts of FULL30 have always been funded by private individuals with a passion, primarily from the owners, but also from some regular people just like you, and I thank each and everyone of you for your contributions, owners and viewers.

But just this last week we reorganized yet again, one of the owners who had been our financial benefactor had to fall back, the economy took its toll, Jarrad and Jeff Kirkham are now the Vanguard, did I not yet mention Jeff?

If you are already a fan then you will want to definitely stay tuned, there are super exciting things coming that I won’t spoil here and now, but I do suggest you read it before you watch it.

If you’re not yet a fan you will be, not only is he a great author but he’s also a really great guy, he has a heart and a passion for others, you’ll see.

Back to keeping it real, these two guys need your help, if you are a member on the FULL30 Forum then you know I do not have any issue asking for help, we need it, appreciate it, and utilize it, we have people donating just five dollars a month and that is currently helping to keep the lights on, if you can sign up to donate monthly, even a small amount, please do, it truly does make a difference. And if you can do $25.00 per month all the better, and if you can only do once or occasionally, then thank you we are just as grateful.

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Well that’s it guys, if you don’t see me around again you know Jarrad was not happy, to each and everyone of you fathers out there I wish a sincere



Oregon parts are from china and of the lowest quality

My girls quit worrying about fathers day when they were teens.


Let me know how that Dremel do hickey works, I have always just used a file, but nowadays any shortcut is helpful. That Stihl would be about right for me, but the old Poulan Pro is still starting every time I take it out, the wife tried to institute a no-chainsaw policy after my little stroke and then fell on the ramp this winter. On the last trip to the hospital a month ago, they tried to send me home with a walker, LOL that went over well, so tomorrow it is back to PT for some more fun.

Happy Father’s Day to all you dads out there, and click those ads, it doesn’t take long and everything helps.


Thanks for that, I’m looking into why the links don’t transfer over here with the article but they are live on the blog and yes they actually help a great deal :+1:

Yes I’ll give feedback on those, I sharpen almost every fuel break and really watch the rakers to be sure they stay out of the way, I’ve tried the double files but seems they have to be tackled individually, teeth then rakers

And having had my own recent fall I suggest listening somewhat to the Mrs :grin:


I have the Dremel chain sharpener. It works OK. A file might be a little better, but the Dremel is much faster. I have a cordless Dremel that can sharpen one or two chains with each battery charge.


Today I started PT, again, and the wife ratted me out to the therapist, who acted like I was kicking puppies. But the brush needs to be cleared and everyone wants the stove burning when it gets cold, if I can cut a couple of cords, that is money saved for important things, mostly boolits and a new scope for the rebuild we did. And I can’t get anyone else to work, now if it stops raining I can get back to work.


Now you know why old people move south :yep:


Ahhh, you forget I was a FL man before it was a thing. The smart people move north. The cold weather seems to keep a lot of undesirables away.


:joy: :joy:Easy Peasey fix , get a new therapist . Or do like I did with my last doctor. I just left &never went back . So no more listening to the quacks.


I have said the same thing about moving into the mountians to my wife. Her mother was originally from one of the most beautiful and remote counties in the state . No big freeway passes through it even just some 2 lane state routes. And if you get off of any of those for 10 min. Your on gravel or just dirt. And believe it or not she approves of that. I think most of the ones who move to FL have no desire to do anything else in life its like going south to bake in the sun until your done like a fried egg.
I rather have something to keep me active.


Well happy to report these guys

are according to the package made in the USA, only opened the gifts yesterday didn’t use either, the Chains are made in Switzerland

so that’s hopeful as well, I just wish they used descriptions I understand, so far I don’t, no skip tooth chisel tooth etc, just RS, RM, colors etc

I did decide to sell my 395XP as its just too large, working out a trade deal for some wood cut/split and delivered, plus having the guy fell and buck this tree for me

I set out to do it last week thinking I’d notch and drop to the right, but the trunk on the left bows left/rearward , so I was pretty hesitant even as I began, while switching my notch to the other side (due to thickness of trunk) the saw stalled and didn’t want to restart, I took it as a sign, it restarted when I was back at the house, think I’ll stick with smaller saws and smaller tree work.