"Favorite 1911's'' . . . > Picture thread <


I have several but this one has become my favorite so far…

Show us yours…


Dan Wesson… in variety


My Custom Delta Elite. This gun saved my life twice. Definitely not a safe queen.


Every 1911 seems to reflect it’s operator, kinda like a man and his dog…I can’t get enough of looking at this platform, when I go to the gun shop, it’s the first thing I look at.


My soon to be 1911. I plan on hunting with it mainly.


One of my favorite carry guns in my safe.


My to faves are these Kimbers. The Ultra Raptor is my EDC but I love em both.



Springfield Mil Spec. It’s on me whenever I go for a walk in the woods.


Those sure are sexy, How do they shoot?


I thought Nazis were the only thing a person hunts with a 1911?


They shoot great. The Ultra Raptor I’ve had for several years with a few thousand rounds through it. I haven’t shot these from a bench but using IDPA targets from a concealed draw and in shoot and move practice they’re more than sufficiently accurate and I can only think of one FTE early on when I might have limp wristed it. I love the trigger on these both. The Ultra Raptor is my EDC and the Custom CDP II is my in car backup when I’m on the road. Both use the same mags so makes a convenient backup as well.
Others here don’t seem too fond of Kimbers but I love both of these.



thanks for sharing your experience with you 1911, both here and elsewhere.

I am seriously considering exactly which uses / purposes for my intended 1911 purchases. In the interim, I sometimes use my Sig P238 HD, which is a baby 1911. I have never thought of it as unreliable (no reason to as it always goes bang when I expect it to). So, maybe the thought that 1911’s are not reliable enough for personal defense is not deserved for all 1911’s.