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The talo sr1911 https://www.budsgunshop.com/catalog/mobile/product/719002118/redirect


@JohnB It’s their Mil Spec line so I don’t believe so. I just take a damn good picture. :grin:



Yes, you did.

Thank you.




I guess I am somewhat fixated on the SR1911 in 10 mm (for any of the SR1911’s, that would most likely be the one I would get). I just don’t have any 10 mm guns now, and I already have quite a few calibers, so not sure I want to go that route (buying the SR1911 in 10 mm).

I have had 2 full size 1911’s: Colt Government Model; and Para Ordnance Gun Rights 14-45. Really liked both of them, but for stupid reasons, parted with them both. Now, regretting those decisions, I am in search of another 1911 that I will (hopefully!) keep for the rest of my life. So, really trying to get it just right this time.


Well for pertiness and perfection at around 1k the DW is king, by far. I just checked and theres a couple on gunbroker at exactly 1k and alot under $1200.


Thanks, jf89.

I will take a look.


Or theres glocks :grimacing:



Not to worry. I already have the G21 in Gen3 and in Gen4. Now, looking for some stainless steel semiautos, probably in 1911 format.



Actually, the G21 fits my hand nicely. It is what I usually use for home defense (handgun choice, I also use shotguns).


The 1911 is a gift from browning it’s a beautiful and timeless gun I love the 1911
That being said a lot of folks that I see buy the high end customer shop guns and never actually use them witch is a issue
This can be a very finicky pistol with ammo as well as magazines being the major culprit
One must train with a weapon and make it part of yourself to know it’s quarks and it’s benifits
But still here we are over a 100 years later talking about a pistol that has stood the test of time and battle



Very nice! Good taste!






You’re my hero.


That’s only a few of them


Springfield armory’s range officer champion


Those are real nice looking guns.


Thank you