Favorite competitive shooter(s)?


Who are your two favorite competitive shooter(s)? Maybe post a video of them competing, if you can find one.
Most sports fans have a favorite athlete or team , shooting sports should be no different.


My two favorite are Frank Proctor and Jerry Miculek.


Mike Seeklander and Rob Leatham.
I’ve learned a lot from them, from their videos and from Mike’s podcast from his American Warrior podcasts.


Jessie Duff, team taurus59-AM07e02db7ca4ba7690b0fd40da4e1cbcf--duff-jessie


Michelle viscusi, team glock


Huh, I almost missed the Deagles…Glock you say?


The Glock must be at home since its too ugly for a photo shoot.


This pic was from a maxim photo shoot, does it really matter? Wait, there were pistols in the photo??


I think these are glocks, still don’t care… .


I do, titties and guns are about even on my list of priorities.


I just admire them for their, um, uh, skills?




This thread sure got derailed fast…


Well lets get back on topic then.


Looks over thread

Not seeing how…

damn it, happened again


Derailed how? Are you questioning these individuals ability to shoot? I assure you they are professionals.


You make a valid point. They are your favorite shooters, thats on topic.



I guarantee, 1 on 1, either of these 2 ladies could outshoot most of us men.id be distracted anyways…


Im fine with that, not sure I could draw from my holster right if they were around.