Favorite gun podcasts?


Does anyone listen to podcasts around here?


I was doing a weekly podcast for a while, but haven’t done one since I was in the hospital.


Yes. But for me all of the gun podcasts started to sound the same… so I moved onto podcasts that are more holistic for my life.


What ARE some firearm related podcasts? I don’t as a general rule listen to “podcasts” but I do watch/listen a couple like Steven Crowder and Anthony Brian Logan.

So post up what ones are out there friendly to our group!


Primary & Secondary, Ben Stoeger, Triangle Tactical are three that I can think of off the top of my head. I’ve seen more, but I can’t remember them.

There’s a list over here, though I’m not familiar with a lot of them.


Joe rogan and bill burr


Mike Seeklander podcasts at the American Warrior Society.

Proarms Podcast, with Massad Ayoob and friends.
Lots of defensive information at all the above.
While not a podcast, John Farnam’s quips at defense-training is definitely worth a look.