Favorite Hog hunting


I recently took an interest in hog Hunting since they are basically a pest animal to farmers and landowners. What are some of your favorite areas, gear, calibers, and firearms to get the job done? and any tips for a new comer to the game would be much appreciated


@LonewolfMcQuade will have some good info. He primarily hunts ground hog, but the principal is the same.


Texas is a great place to hunt hogs. There are millions of them. Helicopters are a great tool to hunt them. A nearby rancher hired a helicopter and got about 900 over two days on his and willing neighbor’s land.


I’m thinking after I got over the fear of falling out ( and air sick :nauseated_face: ) that would be a lot of fun.


900?! That’s crazy! Lotta ammo too. Sounds like a job for some 762x39. Man,that would be a fun couple of days!


I believe he used .308.


Just finished building this baby, recently. .300 blk should do the trick if you run a lighter weight bullet (110 solid copper is my choice) and aren’t planning on taking anything long range (or from a helicopter…Jesus…y’all don’t play around out in Texas…Damn). That’s my personal pig poker. She’s all about the swine slaying. Lol


My Dad and I got a couple using a bolt action Savage 111 Trophy Hunter .30-06 with soft points at a private lease called Boar Creek Ranch east of Corsicana, TX. We were set up at a blind at night over a timed corn feeder about 50-60 yards away. The blind had car battery-powered red spotlights aimed at the feeder, but if you have night vision that works, too. All the other hunters at the camp got hogs the two nights we were there. Lots of hogs in Texas, but unless you own your own land expect to pay, even for pigs.