Favorite holster attachment system for concealed carry?

I’ve been trying out various belt loops, clips and clip systems for concealed carry over the past few years, and I am still figuring out what I like. What’s your favorite?

Anywhere there are screws, blue loctite is a must. If there is a screw somewhere, it will shake loose without loctite, no matter how well it is torqued.

Closed soft belt loops are my least favorite, because they are very visible to the outside and are not rigid at all. They also are not compatible with shirt tucking for formal occasions. If they lack snaps, not being able to remove them quickly is just one more problem, since I’ve had my gun drop out of the holster when I needed to answer the call of nature; my pants and belt alone weren’t rigid enough to stop the whole assembly from flopping upside-down.

The Neomag ALIAS Belt System, available from https://theneomag.com/alias-belt-system/. Image from Neomag ALIAS Review: Hidden In Plain Sight
Neomag ALIAS Belt System
Outside view of the Neomag ALIAS Belt Receiver, official image
Neomag ALIAS Belt Receiver, outside view
I tried out Neomag’s Alias clip system. It was cool because the amount of clip facing the world was quite small, and I could quickly remove it from my belt when I needed to. It was also modular, and they had a beltless receiver with Ulticlips that I could attach to exercise pants or pajamas and just move the holster over. It was quite rigid, holding the gun at my configured angle very well. If I needed to be more formal, I could tuck in my shirt, too. What was not cool is that the belt receiver measured 5/8" thick, outside the waistband. This was enough to catch my thumb on my belt and make me fumble when I tried to clear my cover garment during a one-handed draw. That often cost me 0.6 seconds.

Ulticlip, image from https://harrysholsters.com/discreet-carry-concepts-vs-ulticlip/
I like the Ulticlip mechanism, but I found that it did not hold the gun angle so well, unless there were two UltiClips, like with the Neomag ALIAS Beltless Receiver. Then it can be very rigid. Maybe I can go almost no-signature if I clip these under my belt to my pants?

The Vedder LightTuck IWB holster from LightTuck® Kydex IWB Holster | Vedder Holsters
Vedder LightTuck holster
Vedder ships their holsters with a simple spring steel clip. This was functional and allowed for quick removal too. But, when I tucked my shirt in, the clip was obvious to anybody passingly familiar with concealed carry. Frankly, this was good enough for me most everywhere, since the know-nothing Karens who would get worked up in the first place don’t know enough to recognize what the clip means. Still, Jeff Gonzales would call this “covered carry” as opposed to completely covert “no-signature carry.” He also criticized this style of clip for not hooking under the gun belt as much as other clips, like Discreet Carry Concepts’ Gear Clip, since it lacks a punch-out mini hook.

The Gear Clip from Discreet Carry Concepts, available from HLR Discreet Gear Clips™. Image from Best Beltless Concealed Carry Holsters for Women | Style Me Tactical
The Gear Clip from Discreet Carry Concepts

Tier 1 Concealed holster clip, via Tier 1 Concealed
Tier 1 Concealed hoster clip
The Tier 1 Concealed holsters come with plastic hooks. I did not try this one out for very long, because their mag+gun holster did not twist and flex well to match my body shape and movement at the waist, and it gave me stomachaches. But I do know that T1C is up there among the more popular holster companies. Still, Gonzales did not approve of the materials choice, as he believes that metal is the only way to go, and has seen many lesser holster clips fail.


I like the crossbreed super tucks with j clips . They go behind the belt and hook under the bottom .


Last count I had 11 different concealed carry holsters/options for my EDC. I have to say my favorite is a horizontal shoulder holster. But that doesn’t work in all seasons and situations. So I have a bunch of choices. IWB, OWB, hip, appendix, deep tuck groin . . . it depends on what I am wearing that day.


If you use a black belt they blend in . I also use 511 brand belts with the stainless steel buckles . They make a good inpact weapon if all else fails or you are where you cannot carry . I have worn them on planes and they dont say anything . They are also stiff enough to support your gun . Ihave used them with a full size 1911 and double mag pouch.


Crossbreed J Clip
Crossbreed’s J Clip from CrossBreed® Holsters J-Hook
Crossbreed’s J-Clip is a tuckable low-signature option, where only about 1/4" is visible from the outside, on the bottom of your gun belt. I’m concerned that, because the belt is not also trapped from the top edge, the belt could hop over that bottom-side hook and escape. (Does that happen often for you?) When I draw, the holster would come up together with my gun. But it does seem thinner than the ALIAS belt receiver.

Crossbreed's V Clip
Crossbreed’s V Clip from CrossBreed® Holsters | V Clip | Deep Concealment Holster
The V Clip, also from Crossbreed, is a no-signature option that requires a velcro belt. But velcro wears out, and velcro belts tend to look more tactical.


I never had a problem . I took a four day practical pistol class with that setup using a Kahr cw45 .


A friend lent me an unusual gun belt. There is some normal elastic on the outside, but there is a 12" fiberglass or carbon fiber strip held by elastic loops to it on the inside.

I took the strip off of the elastic belt and put it on my regular belt. If I clip my holster to the strip, my belt almost completely hides my holster clips. This also allows me to clip my holster right where my belt buckle is, if I want.

I just wish I knew where he got it from!


This is the elastic belt that came with that fiber strip. Do any of you recognize that logo on the buckle? On the inside, the buckle says “Made in USA”.


Just clipping and searching the logo I found these

It’s likely if you take a better photo and search you’ll come up with it


OWB paddle holster with a proper leather belt works for me.


Got everything I need to take out 25 op 4.


I’ve got a shoulder rig just like that from Galco. I feel like the pouches swing too much to conceal well, so I only use it at home when I’m tired of weight on my belt and pressure on my belly.


I have the same for my Glock’s and another for my 1911’s.


Thats why the Rosen has all those adjustable screws on it.
It took me months to get it set just right.
I can jump up and down, and roll on the ground. The mag pouches stay in place.


Reno May found something sort of like the belt segment my friend lent me. The Hunter Constantine belt is mostly a flexible spandex belt with a steel-reinforced section at the front. It can work OWB or directly against your skin without belt loops, and you can use it with your existing holster clips.


Cops proved that an unsupported belt gun flops when running.
Thats why they have to keep one hand on it.

Detective Callahan never had that problem even with a 44 mag.


lol, neither did Kersey with his .475 Wildey


lol, due to his tea cup grip I guess :rofl:


Interesting topic since I’m constatly experimenting with what works best for me. I don’t like the soft, leather “pull-the-dot” snap belt loops, like you find with the Milt Sparks Summer Special II holsters. I can never seem to properly snap them closed or open them over a thick gun belt. I have to keep them closed and then thread the belt through them, negating the quick on-and-off function they’re supposed to conveniently provide.

But DCC sells their dual clips that easily replace them. Some folks claim they’re difficult to remove, but with practice, I can now remove them easily. So these work best for me when carrying in an IWB holster that can fit them, and since they’re black they’re not as visible when worn with a black belt.

The challenge I’ve been having is finding an OWB/belt 5” 1911 combo that works best for me. Thick leather gun belts like those from Beltman or Mean Gene Leather work best for supporting a heavy 1911 in an OWB holster without having the holster and gun flop outwards like they do with the thinner synthetic tactical style belts. But it’s hard to thread the thick gun belts through most OWB holster belt slots. I think I found a solution with a Kore belt I just got. It’s a bit thinner than the thick leather gun belts but can still support a heavy 1911 in an OWB holster, just not as well as with a thick leather gun belt.

I don’t open carry, so I use pancake style OWB holsters to better conceal under an untucked shirt. And not all pancake OWB holsters hug the body equally as well. Of the few I’ve tried, I’ve found Don Hume’s OT721 conceals the best, but it’s hard to thread a thick belt through one. So I wear it with the Kore belt.

I’ve never tried a shoulder holster, so I can’t comment on those.