Favorite Piston AR


Yea, their test seems pretty brutal. Theres also at least a dozen countries that use the 416 platform in some way or another. The PWS looks good, it uses an AK style long stroke piston. Theres competitive shooters at over 50k on theirs , pretty neat design. I remember when I got into ARs pistons had a bad rap but i think they might be making a comeback.


I added an Adams Arms on a build and was really surprised and disappointed at the added weight, AR & DI seemed like an Oreo afterwards.

I bought an LWRCI-DI and never felt I missed out on a piston


LWRC makes good stuff either way. Only thing I dont like is the propriatary rail.


Have the best bolt/carrier in the business to my knowledge


Them or LMTs enhanced bolt, imo.





Why you should make sure your DI AR is shook out after dunking it in water.



I think PWS and their use of a long-stroke piston is one of the better designs on the current market. And they’re much more affordable than other manufacturers (such as LWRCI or LMT).


How do the Marines like the 416? Isnt it issued as the m27? Seems like the most widely used piston AR world wide.


I don’t have any time with the 416 yet. There are infantry units using it though. I know some people are complaining about the need to carry something like 16 magazines instead of two the belt fed drums like the M249. That’s about all I’ve heard though. It should be a rock solid platform, and the fact that it’s plenty lighter than the M249 is something everyone can get behind.


I wss interested in LWRCI but decided against buying any of their rifles. The LMT is cool because you can takeout the piston and run it as a DI gun anythime you want. Being able to switch back and forth is pretty neat.





@RogueGunnWorks , how would you compare the LWRC and HK416?


LWRC all the way… though I must say, the HK is a more accurate rifle. I just worked on a 556 HK lower last night. I would gram one of my LWRC or… LMT rifles


Agree with @Robert. I have a Ruger SR-556 and can attest to the added weight of the piston system being it’s biggest downfall.

The SR-556 is definitely a pig, but still overall, a great design. I’ve never experienced any issues with it’s piston system personally -but then, I’m no “Operator” so YMMV. :wink:

A note on cleaning: even though piston systems keep crud out of the BCG area it still has to go somewhere. After some long shooting sessions it can accumulate a considerable amount if fouling at the exhaust port. I can see this being a weak point if the system isn’t maintained properly.


HK416 is a pig weighs a stupid amount for being 5.56. I was torn between POF for their new Revolution but as far as piston design go the PWS is top. Long stroke piston on an AR while sill being relatively lightweight


To me, the LWRC set up is light, self cleaning (unless you have the adjustable suppressor unit) and cleaning is easy. My son and I ran through about 250 rounds each Saturday. Cleaned them in 10 minutes once we were back at the house.