Favorite SHTF Blade Pics


What are your go-to blades for SHTF? Show 'em off!


Two of mine are the Condor Yoshimi machete and the Bark River Bravo 3.


Good choices!


Where did you get the knife?


Pretty sure I ordered it from Knives Ship Free. They’re sold out, but I see one for a decent price on Ebay:


Oops. That’s a Bravo 2, but still 3V steel and not so heavy.




Are you fixin to go fight A Yujita in the jungle?


My old Buck Selector I got in 1982! Butchered many a deer with it!


Trench knife and my tomahawk.
One in each hand.

I cardio with 'em :sunglasses:


You never know. They’re tough bastids!


You can’t argue with success!


Think you could take him?


Only if you give me until the Tavor TS12 comes out. :skull::skull_and_crossbones:


I took one with my bare hands one time.


If it bleeds, you can kill it! :exploding_head:


The Yujitas weakness are those Reeces pieces m&ms.


OK, people. We’re headed for a period of widespread violence as we get closer to the next election cycle. SERIOUSLY. You need to prepare.


TOPS Steel Eagle and Condor Undertaker Bowie. Now start maxing out your credit cards!


Are we preparing to butcher something? I had a joke about selling meat to Venezuela but it seemed in bad taste.