FBI: Record number of illegal immigrants barred from guns




I just read the title



Just so I’m clear, is this a simple reflection of the increase in illegal aliens? Because I thought they weren’t allowed to buy guns in the first place. Or is this saying that some weren’t barred?



Its a freakin crack up isn’t it?

Illegal aliens…barred from guns…



Yes, that’s the irony. :thinking:


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double tapped it just for you…




Mass deportation of ALL illegal criminals is WAY over due.
I hope the demonrats and repukes who let the invasion of our country are “rewarded” for letting this happen. Wonder how the politicraps would feel when an illegal kills their family too. Probibly how I felt and feel after my Uncle was killed in a home invasion by “minorites”. My good friend Tony a PD officer excuted by “minorites”. Yeah I have issues. Todays news [below] of this latest pushed my buttons BIG TIME
Try - convict and jail every politicrap who votes for “sanctuary”


I believe I understand your post well enough but please beware of, and refrain from, open calls to violence or harm to others, for your sake, others sake, and the sake of our host here :+1:


Gotcha Thanks. Tough week Great man and great friend.